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Up Your Glam Game With This Chic Emilio Pucci DIY Clutch!

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Among the million kinds of bags that are there, a clutch is a must for every girl. Whether you like to party every weekend or you have your best friend’s wedding coming up, a clutch is what you need! It’s an accessory that helps you in situations where you cannot show up with backpacks or handbags. Clutches have been around forever, proving that they will never go out of fashion. From sparkly party ones to slogan clutches that will do the talking for you, there are just too many options to choose from. Attach a chain and it can be used as a sling easily!


Inpost clutch_hauterfly

Courtesy: Emilio Pucci

Most of the high-end clutches are so expensive that I would have to sell a kidney to buy one. Like this Emilio Pucci stone clutch that costs a whopping Rs 1,13,900! But how gorgeous is it? After giving up all hope of ever owning it, I came across a video of this easy DIY project by the famous YouTuber Evelina. She transforms a basic clutch into this masterpiece for a grand or so! Now, that’s what I call saving the dough!

Go ahead and check out this simple video to make your very own Emilio Pucci-inspired clutch!
PS: Show it off all you want! We bet that no one will figure it’s not an original!



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