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DIY: 3 Easy Ways To Turn Your Old T-Shirts Into Headbands

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There are 5 stages in the life cycle of a garment — starting with the newbie buy, going onto the favourite flaunt, moving forward to the done and dusted, later converted to home wear, only to be mistaken by your mother for a cleaning cloth.

Yes, we’ve all been in a situation where our once-favourite t-shirt meets its untimely death. However, what if I tell you it doesn’t have to, and can just be upcyled to a lovely headband?

YouTuber and DIY queen Slick & Natty shows you 3 ways in which you can take that old t-shirt of yours and swivel it to make a lovely new headband. With summer breathin’ down our necks, headbands and hairbands are the perfect way to swoop that hair up stylishly.

Watch & learn!


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