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Has Deepika Padukone Been Raiding Ranveer Singh’s Wardrobe Lately? We Love How Bright And Colourful It Is

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It’s indeed true what they say about couples…after a period of time, they start to look like one another! Such seems to be the case with Bollywood’s hottest power couple Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh as well. The actress, who has become synonymous with a polished and subtle sense of style, has been taking a lot of fashion risks lately. Deepika never goes beyond the established norms of a great outfit, but things are starting to switch up in her style and we think it is Ranveer’s doing. From big neon separates to adding all that bling in her wardrobe, she is getting inspired by the husband and we think it is refreshing!

The actress was recently spotted in an outfit that we think Ranveer would sport in a heartbeat and it is eerily amusing!

First up, we have the loosely fitted neon turtleneck that is a brand new look for her. The actress never shies away from showing off her fit frame and loves some snug clothes for it. The fuzzy top paired with casual pants and quirky sneakers is a whole other side of Deepika we never knew existed. Then, there are all the colours. For someone who puts so much thought into creating fabulous monotone outfits (she’s an all black kinda girl!), all these bright colours look damn good on her. It might also be one of the first few instances where we saw Deepika in giant 90s hoops, Regina George would approve!

Deepika might be near perfect when it comes to holding on to her signature style, which also means sometimes her fashion has underwhelmed us for being too predictable. This fact has also highlighted how monumentally different she is from Ranveer, who has consistently given us flamboyant lead actor fashion moments no one can beat!

Ranveer in unabashed about his OTT style. He will wear anything, as long as it has at least some kind of crazy detail that makes people do a double take. This unique quality of being able to pull off tricky looks might be rubbing off on Deepika and we are hoping to see it be taken to the next level. Which shouldn’t be a problem since they are also roommates and can always raid each other’s wardrobes without creating too much fuss about it.

We do want to clarify though, we do not want to see the couple twinning on every occasion. As much as we love the next cute couple’s twinning moment, it does take away from their individual personalities that gets lost in the mix.

A celebrity couple who are notorious for this will be Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli, who cannot help but co-ordinate their outfits every time they are spotted together. And we mean EVERY TIME. Which can be quite disheartening given how ridiculously fashionable the two of them are individually. Anushka with her functional chic ensembles and Virat with his sleek sportsman suits.

The trick to being the ultimate fashion seems to be to play off each other’s unique style statements and #DeepVeer are coming pretty close!

Deepika and Ranveer are in fact working on a film together right now, ’83. Could the close proximity be why the actress has chosen to play with her fashion in a way she is not known to do? Only time will tell. Till then, we are glad to see her in bright and fun outfits which are more indicative of her playful personality. Deepika might be the only one to make us love an over-sized turtleneck and we are charmed!

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