10 Cute Ways To Amp Up Your Sweatshirt Game

10 Cute Ways To Amp Up Your Sweatshirt Game

Come fall and woollens and layered garments take precedence over everything else in your wardrobe. What’s more, the one piece of clothing that can maintain a fine balance between comfortable and cute is the sweatshirt. What started off as a varsity staple has, in time, become a must-have thanks to street style fashionistas who have sported chic iterations time and again.

No more just a tomboy’s easy pick, the sweatshirt has evolved rather fashionably to work as a chic piece of clothing. What’s amazing is how easily you can transform this garment from day wear to date-wear: Just pair it with a sleek pencil skirt and sandals, or with a pair of leather pants and sequinned sneakers. Impressed by its versatility? It’s time to go shop, shop, shop!



Zara Sweatshirt With Appliqué (Rs 2,890)

KOOVS Pineapple Applique Sweatshirt_Hauterfly

Koovs Pineapple Appliqué Sweatshirt (Rs 1,695)

Zooomberg Round Neck Heart Print Navy 1 Sweatshirt_Hauterfly

Zooomberg Heart Print Navy Sweatshirt (Rs 1,549)

ASOS x G.F HAWTHORNE Sweatshirt With Perspex 3D Dinosaur Embellishment_Hauterfly

ASOS x G.F Hawthorne Sweatshirt (Rs 5,331)


Mango Floral Sweatshirt (Rs 2,990)

SR Store Letters Print Sweatshirt_Hauterfly

SR Store Letters Print Sweatshirt (Rs 1,350)

New Look Grey Pug Bad Santa Print Christmas Sweater_Hauterfly

New Look Christmas Sweater (Rs 1,500)

NEXT Grey Embroidered Folk Sweatshirt_Hauterfly

Next Grey Embroidered Folk Sweatshirt (Rs 4,475)

ASOS Noisy May Scale Detail Sweat_Hauterfly

Noisy May Scale Detail Sweatshirt (Rs 4,770)

Zooomberg Geometric Print Sweatshirt_Hauterfly

Zooomberg Geometric Print Sweatshirt (Rs 1,649)

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