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Can Someone Please Explain Why All The Stars Are In Designer Wear At A Holi Bash?

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So guys, Holi is tomorrow and obviously, this means that I have my outfit ready. Yes, it requires careful and meticulous planning. I need to find a t-shirt/top that I love enough to wear tomorrow but also am willing to part with, because god knows there’s no salvaging clothes once they’ve been through even one Holi. Of course, I won’t only be in a t-shirt (though that would make for some great entertainment, I imagine), I will also have a pair of shorts that are tattered and torn but also not so bad that I end up accidentally exposing myself that I am also willing to throw away. That the undergarments will also be disposed off is no news. So, yes, I do plan my Holi outfits. But it’s nothing like how the stars do it.

I am talking about this today because on Saturday night, the Ambani-Piramal household hosted a Holi bash and it was a glamorous, star-studded affair. Which is fair. The extremely loaded families are allowed who ever they want to their own Holi party. And they did. Priyanka and Nick Jonas were there. Katrina Kaif was there. Jacqueline Fernandez was there. It was a full house.

And for most of us, it was fun to watch. I was keeping my eyes peeled because I wanted to see the stars turn up in casual outfits. But boy was I wrong.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

The jet-setting couple happened to be/ planned to be in Mumbai for this Holi bash and they didn’t turn up in shorts and a tshirt. They turned up in colour-co-ordinated, pristine white outfits for the Holi event. Okay, you think, that’s a bit extra. Nope, the extra bit is those outfits were designer. Yes, they were by Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla. I mean, this probably set the Jonas’ back by couple of lakhs. And they brought out their designer outfits for ONE HOLI BASH. I feel so…underpaid.

Jacqueline Fernandez

You know how you scour outfits for a wedding and might chance upon and Anamika Khanna? If you ever buy that outfit, you would keep it like you keep a child, safe and protected. Jacqueline Fernandez wore her outfit to the Holi bash. Yes, that’s just big bucks being drenched in gulaal. MY HEART and MY WALLET are screaming.

Diana Penty

Let’s admit it, we all think we are going to look sexy with our hair tousled and drenched in coloured water. Instead, we look like something that cat dragged in. This is not a problem Diana Penty faced because she turned up looking like an absolute bombshell wearing a Vedika M saree. But she sacrificed her saree! She did. She let this beautiful piece just…be coloured. Casually, just like that.

Katrina Kaif

Okay look, that outfit might not be great and to me it’s kind of ugly but it was Anamika Khanna. What’s with these stars being entirely comfortable wasting designer outfits. I will even take their rejects! What is my sad life?

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