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Boi’s Budget Buys: Jeans & Tee #FTW

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One universal fashion problem for most girls is, “What do I wear today?” This question has the power to reduce us to a hysterical mess. Fashionista or not, nobody wants sartorial answers that cost a fortune. And let’s just be honest, you’re THE style star if you know how to dress to the nines on a budget. So I’ve taken up this Herculean task: every Saturday, I’ll round up a budget-friendly ensemble for you, all BELOW Rs 10,000. Yes! It’s going to be an entire outfit — from head-to-toe — without breaking the bank. Quite a challenge, right? Scroll down to shop this budget ensemble, and don’t forget to come back every Saturday to discover an outfit that’s yet another steal!


It is just TOO hot, you guys…and it’s only March. I cannot begin to imagine how debilitating this summer is going to be. Global warming? I think so!

In fact, it’s been so hot that lately I, someone who loves dressing up and accessorising, could not be bother with deciding what to wear and what add-ons to match with it. I basically just pull out the lightest garment I can find in my closet and slip it on, and if I have the time and energy, I put on a pair of earrings. That’s it.

I’m sure most of you feel my pain too. Given the insane heat, the mad pollution, and just the general aura of exhaustion, who has the time to preen for hours? I say, throw on a T-shirt, a pair of jeans, and off you go!

Wait a minute…does that mean a T-shirt and denims can’t be stylish? Uh-uh! The jeans-and-T-shirt combo is a classic, and if you pick the right kinds, there really isn’t any way you can go wrong.

Slogan tees are clearly having a moment, and we’re not complaining. Not only can they be funny and cool, they drive home a point, too. Both designers and celebrities are making their stands on feminism known via slogan tees, and it’s a wave that’s taken over the fashion fraternity.

Championing for feminism or not, slogan tees are an oldie goldie that can amp up just about any outfit — you know that people will stop to read your T-shirt. Which brings me to this slogan tee I found on a new e-comm site I stumbled upon,, which has one of my favourite sarcastic sayings on it: “Cool story, bro. Tell it again.” *dies laughing* Tuck it in, leave it out, or tie a knot around your waist — you can style this one any way you fancy.

Now, instead of pairing this with a regular pair of jeans, I decided to opt for these high-waisted denim culottes from Forever 21. Do you know why? Because…breezy. Unlike jeans, culottes won’t stick to your legs and make you perspire profusely all the live long day. Plus, they’re uber cool.

Another trend that’s catching on and one that’s also super summer-friendly is that of slides. Easy to slip on, easy to slip off. What’s not to love? Say goodbye to smelly feet that have been confined within closed shoes or sneakers and socks all day! And what’s cool about these Zara slides is undoubtedly the beaded detail — takes a regular black pair to a much slicker level.

Add on this casual powder blue backpack from Forever New and a pair of funky aviators from Mango, and you’re so summer ready. The reason I picked these particular aviators is because the colour of the reflectors reminds me of sunset at the beach…no?

So there, if you’re feeling too hot to give a f*ck about what to wear this week, here’s an easy-breezy yet stylish look that’ll come to your rescue. I’m going to go cool off now…maybe stick my head into the freezer. You send me those summer selfies and let me know in the comments below if there’s a particular budget look you’d like me to curate. I’m all eyes and ears!







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