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ASOS Lets You See How Their Clothes Look On Different Bodies. Indian E-Tailers, Are You Listening?

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Inclusivity in the fashion and beauty industry is the new trend, and we aren’t complaining one single bit. The most recent move we’re applauding is by ASOS. The UK-based fast fashion e-retail website is testing out a new feature that allows you to check out how a particular piece of clothing looks on a person of your size! How cool is that?!

Five years ago, the brand launched a plus-size section, which received a lot of appreciation and was an instant hit. While we sit and wonder when websites in India will embrace the same practice, ASOS has also gone one step further, and sworn off airbrushing their models, embracing body diversity and natural beauty.

Not only is this a HUGE step forward for the fashion industry, but ASOS is also winning at sending out a positive message for body diversity, as they show that no woman should have qualms about baring it all.

While several websites in India are on board with inclusivity as well, the plus-size models are only borderline plus-size, and are Photoshopped to perfection. Perhaps, Indian e-retail websites should take a leaf out of their book and have buyers take a look at the clothing they are about to pay for on real women?!

P.S. Indian e-retail websites, it is 2018, and Indian women can tell when a model is Photoshopped! So let’s stop selling unachievable beauty standards, and let’s get real, shall we?

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