5 Easy And Fashionable Styling Hacks To Conceal Flabby Arms Like A Pro

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We all struggle with body issues and are often insecure about a specific part of our bodies that needs extra attention. While some care too much about their weight, some others struggle to lose that extra fat, but most of all, we need to embrace these flaws, which for many is a hard pill to swallow. These insecurities also lead us frustrated, with questions like what to wear and what not to. Whether it is the colour or the choice of cut that you choose to style, you can seal and embrace every flaw to perfection. And besides everything that we find hard to conceal, flabby arms remain a common issue among most. But don’t worry, because we have some easy styling tips and tricks that will help you embrace that extra fat on your arms like a pro. 

1. Bell or Batwing sleeves 

While most of us try covering our flabby arms with full sleeves and layers, the easiest way to do so, is to choose a pair of bell sleeves. With extra fabric volume on your arms, it is easier to not only conceal but provide a better cut and shape to your body. 


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2. Cold Shoulders 

Another recommended way to style flabby arms is by picking a design with cold shoulders. The cut right above your shoulders, not only directs attention away from your arms but offers a clean-cut shape to them. 


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3. Layer Layer

Another easy technique to follow for flabby arms is to layer utmost fabric. Be it covering your arms with a jacket or choosing to go for a kimono or cotton cape, the idea of layering will navigate attention away from your arms and also add an interesting twist to them. 

4. Go For Sheer Fabrics

Another alternative for sleeveless tops and dresses is the idea of sheer sleeves that offer a peek-a-boo effect. Here, you can indulge in a subtle skin show with sheer fabric sleeves in shapes like bell, batwing, bishop and more. Through this technique, you can create an illusion of slimmer arms.


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5. Balloon And Bishop Sleeves

Just like bell sleeves, you can invest in dresses and tops with balloon and bishop sleeves. Instead of covering your arms with fitted designs, add more volume and prints to them through these extravagant designs. The cinched effect around the wrist in bishop sleeves will help create the illusion of slimmer arms and give a fitted look to your form.


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