Usha Uthup Expresses Happiness About Her Cover On Miley Cyrus’ Song Flower Going Viral, Says “Will Work…”

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Usha Uthup Expresses Happiness About Her Cover On Miley Cyrus’ Song Flower Going Viral, Says “Will Work…”

A few days back  Usha Uthup’s video singing Miley Cyrus’s hit song ‘Flowers’ went viral on social media. Fans couldn’t stop watching the video on loop and showering praises on the singer’s voice and talent as an artist. Recently, Usha Uthup reacted to her viral video and the love that she received for it. The singer also expressed her desire to work with Miley Cyrus and spoke about the women’s power reflected in the song!

Usha Uthup’s Reaction

Usha Uthup is a popular Indian singer. The fans loved the viral video of hers singing Miley Cyrus’s song ‘Flower’. It was recorded at a private party in Kolkata. As per a report by Hindustan Times, the singer has reacted to the viral video and stated that she has been singing the song during many of her shows and was not expecting it to go viral. Usha Uhup expressed her happiness about the love that her cover received and thanked everyone who wrote good things about it. The fact that people related to the song because of her voice made her even more happy. Usha Uthup further hailed Miley Cyrus’s song ‘Flower’ and applauded the song’s lyrics. She also stated that even if it is a breakup, ‘Flower’ speaks loudly of women’s power. Usha Uthup also expressed her excitement about Miley Cyrus receiving the Grammy Awards for the song. She hoped that the International singer would come across her viral video someday and like it. Usha Uthup also spoke about her desire to work with Miley Cyrus.


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Miley Cyrus won her first Grammy Award for ‘Flower’. We can’t wait to see both the powerful singers collaborate for a song together. It would be a great one!

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