Trisha Krishnan Sends Defamation Notice To EX-AIADMK Member AV Raju, Demands Apology. He Asked For It!

Trisha had warned him!
Trisha Krishnan Sends Defamation Notice To EX-AIADMK Member AV Raju, Demands Apology. He Asked For It!

In a significant turn of events, Trisha Krishnan has taken a resolute stand against former AIADMK member AV Raju, who recently made defamatory statements about her. The unfolding drama started when Raju, recently expelled from AIADMK, alleged that Trisha was brought to a resort on the insistence of a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA), involving a specific financial transaction. Trisha vehemently denied these allegations, characterizing them as baseless and a desperate attempt for attention.

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Taking the matter seriously, Trisha’s legal team has now issued a comprehensive legal notice to Raju, a copy of which she shared on her social media platform. The notice, while not specifying the exact compensation amount, demands financial reparation for the damage caused to Trisha’s reputation due to the defamatory remarks made by Raju. This action aligns with a growing trend among celebrities who are increasingly resorting to legal avenues to counter false accusations and protect their public image.

The legal notice outlines a series of corrective actions that Raju must take to rectify the situation. Apart from the compensation demand, Trisha’s lawyers insist on a public apology within 24 hours, the removal of defamatory articles from various publications and social media platforms, and a commitment from Raju to refrain from making any further harmful statements against the actor. This robust legal response signifies Trisha’s unwavering determination to safeguard her personal and professional integrity.

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The notice makes it clear that non-compliance with these demands will prompt Trisha to initiate both criminal and civil proceedings against Raju, with the latter bearing all associated costs. This resolute stance underscores the gravity of false accusations and the lengths to which celebrities are willing to go to protect their reputation from unwarranted attacks.

As the legal drama unfolds, the public eagerly anticipates Raju’s response and whether he will heed the stipulations laid out in the legal notice or face the promised legal repercussions.

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