From Bridal Entry To Pheras, 5 Cutest Moments From Surbhi Chandna, Karan Sharma’s Fairytale Wedding

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From Bridal Entry To Pheras, 5 Cutest Moments From Surbhi Chandna, Karan Sharma’s Fairytale Wedding

Surbhi Chandna, the talented actress celebrated for her compelling portrayal in the popular show Ishqbaaaz, recently embarked on a mesmerizing journey of marital bliss as she exchanged vows with her long-time partner, Karan Sharma. The grand ceremony, held in the enchanting city of Jaipur, was a dazzling affair attended by close-knit family and friends, creating a tapestry of unforgettable moments. Here are four of the most endearing and cherished highlights from the fairy-tale nuptials.

1. Melodic Bridal Entry:

Surbhi Chandna injected a personal touch into her bridal entry, foregoing the conventional and opting for a musical serenade. Walking down the aisle, she enchanted everyone by singing the romantic melody “Kahani Suno,” creating an emotionally resonant atmosphere and setting the tone for the enchanting ceremony.

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2. Chooda Ceremony Elegance:

The chooda ceremony took on a contemporary and elegant twist as Surbhi deviated from the traditional red choodas. Instead, she embraced the sophistication of white choodas, a departure that spoke volumes about the couple’s modern outlook and distinctive style, beautifully weaving tradition with personal expression.


3. Pheras Captivation:

The sacred phera ceremony, symbolizing the vows and promises between the couple, was a captivating spectacle. Videos circulating online showcase the radiant smiles of Surbhi and Karan, capturing the pure essence of their love. This segment of the ceremony radiated warmth and joy as the couple embarked on this significant journey together.

4. Vibrant Varmala Exchange:

The varmala exchange, a moment steeped in tradition and symbolism, was a visual delight. Showered with petals of vibrant blooms, Surbhi and Karan exchanged varmalas, sealing the union with a tender kiss. This picturesque moment epitomized the celebration of their love and commitment.

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5. Nazar Utarna –

One of the cutest moments of Surbhi Chandna’s wedding was the moment when one of her bridesmaids did the whole nazar utarna ritual on her before she walked in front of the guests and her to-be husband Karan Sharma.


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Beyond these enchanting moments, it’s worth noting that Surbhi Chandna and Karan Sharma’s love story spans an impressive 13 years. The couple publicly acknowledged their enduring bond on January 15, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. Surbhi shared the joyous news on Instagram through romantic pictures, accompanied by the heartwarming caption that read adding colours to his life since 13 years, Our forever begins now #Estd 2010.

Surbhi Chandna, Karan Sharma Twin In Shimmery Black Outfits For Sufi Night. We’re Loving The Classy Decor!

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