Redditors List 4 Reasons Why Bigg Boss 17 Is A Certified Snoozefest

Gets boring day by day!
Redditors List 4 Reasons Why Bigg Boss 17 Is A Certified Snoozefest

The latest season of Bigg Boss has stirred up quite a storm, but this time around, it seems the enthusiasm on the show for the fans is dwindling faster than ever. As the show completes 47 days, the Reddit community has spoken, and they are not pleased with the direction Season 17 is taking.


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Reason 1

One Redditor expressed their discontent, stating, “Well, the tasks are minimal, and the contestants’ fights are just repeating. There is seriously no fun to watch. I don’t see anyone so far as winner material. Even Salman Khan has stopped bashing contestants as he used to in earlier seasons.” It seems the usual drama and excitement that viewers anticipate from Bigg Boss are sorely lacking, leaving fans questioning the entertainment value of the show.

BIGG BOSS 17 is boring
byu/FireLiesNot inbiggboss

Boring BB so far
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Reason 2

Another Redditor highlighted a common sentiment among dissatisfied viewers, exclaiming, “Why are there no tasks?? Whyyyyyy… The whole episode is about bitching, crying, weird faces, and ‘mujhe ghar jaana hai.'” The absence of engaging tasks, a hallmark of the Bigg Boss experience, has left a void, and viewers are feeling the monotony of repetitive content.

Why there are no tasks?? Whyyyyyy… Whole episode is about bitching ,crying, weird faces, and mujhe ghar jaana h
byu/Firm-Loquat3744 inbiggboss

Reason 3

In defense of the importance of tasks, a user pointed out, “Tasks help contestants keep busy as well. Pura din khaali baithne se sabka dimaag jaldi sadd jaata hai. For their sanity, and ours, please give some tasks.” The lack of activities in the house seems to be affecting not only the contestants but also the viewers who yearn for the entertaining and unpredictable tasks that have become synonymous with the show.

Boring season
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Reason 4

One frustrated Redditor succinctly declared, “Every day it’s the same boring ‘who do you not like and why’ type task. It doesn’t even make sense anymore. It’s not even impactful. What will even change every two days? Bigg Boss SUCKS.” The repetitiveness and perceived lack of meaningful content have left viewers questioning the essence of the show and its ability to deliver the entertainment it promises.

Every day it’s the same boring “who do you not like and why” type task
byu/Background-Permit499 inbiggboss

As the dissatisfaction echoes through the Reddit community, it remains to be seen whether Bigg Boss Season 17 can pull off a redemption act and win back the hearts of its disenchanted audience.

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