This Pride Month, 30 Indian LGBTQ+ Movies Including ‘Badhaai Do’ Will Be Shown At The Mumbai International Queer Film Festival

This Pride Month, 30 Indian LGBTQ+ Movies Including ‘Badhaai Do’ Will Be Shown At The Mumbai International Queer Film Festival

One thing I will give Bollywood credit for is the fact that has genuinely worked on improving the representation of minorities within Hindi cinema. I wouldn’t say that the representation is nearly enough but we are making progress towards normalising a lot of taboo topics. One of these is the LGBTQ+ community. Over the years, there have been movies that have represented the community, albeit, some lacking. And now we have reached a point where Works by three Pune filmmakers will be shown at Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival.

The festival has curated some exquisite performances in films portraying the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer communities from around the world over the past 13 years. As it prepares to kick off Pride Month this June, the festival features a lineup of over 184 films from 53 nations this year. Check out the ones that will be from India:

1. Badhaai Do

Directed by Harshavardhan Kulkarni was a hit amongst the Indian population featuring Rajkummar Rao and Bhumi Pednekar. It is a Hindi language film.

2. Sheer Qorma

Directed by Faraz Arif Ansari is a narrative short film in the  Hindi, Urdu and English languages.

3. Antharam

Directed by Abhijith Pulparambath, this 71 min film is in the Malayalam and Tamil language.

4. Chhoti Shameez

Chhoti Shameez is a short film by director Shruti Vohra in Hindi.

5. Balbhushanani 

Directed by Chinmay Sudhir this is an 8-minute short film. 

6. Dal Bhat

Directed by Nemil Shah this is a 32 min narrative short film in the languages Gujarati and Hindi.

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7. Dear Bhargava

Dear Bhargava is a Kannada short movie directed by Ramnath Shanbhag.

8. Her Canvas

Directed by Sagar Devram Minde, Her Canvas is a narrative short silent film. 

9. Holy Wound

Directed by Asok R Nath this one is a silent film.

10. Impasse  

Impasse is directed by Tuhin Basu and is 24 min Narrative Short in Hindi and Tamil languages

11. July, 2020

Directed by Sahej Nandrajog is an English narrative feature film

12. Kadhakal Arangiloode

Directed by Athul Sabu Varughese this is a short documentary Short in Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil

13. Kinaara

Directed by Anureet Watta, Kinaara is a narrative short english film

14. Man & Wife

Directed by Rahul Roye this film is available in Bengali and English languages 

15. Mitr Clinic – Pride And Beyond

Directed by Shrikkanth Govindarajan this is short documentary in english and hindi

16. Muhafiz

Muhafiz is directed by Pradipta Ray and is a narrative short film in Gujarati and Hindi

17. Mumu Shelley

Directed by Batul Mukhtiar is a Bengali, English and Hindi narrative short film.

18. Naanu Ladies

Directed by Shailaja Padindala, Naanu Ladies is a narrative feature film.

19. Kaagaz Ke Pankh

Kaagaz Ke Pankh is directed by Kshitij Kumar Pandey and is a Narrative Short film in English and Hindi.

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20. Gair

Gair is directed by Nishant Roy Bombarde and is a narrative short film in Hindi


Directed by Trupil Sharad Patil is a short film in the Marathi language. 

22. Sanwri – Love Beyond Gender

Sanwri – Love Beyond Gender is a directed by Pallavi Roy is a Hindi film. 

23. Taap – About Mercury Rolling Down The Bodies

Directed by Soumyajit Ghosh Dastidar, Taap – About Mercury Rolling Down The Bodies is a Marathi film.

24. The Caress

Directed by Bhargav Lahkar this one is a 15 min narrative short Assamese movie.

25. The Florist

Directed by Priyam Chanda, The Florist is a Bengali short film.

26. The Sorrow Of Love

Directed by Sohag Sen this is a Bengali and English narrative short.

27. Kathekagala Kanive 

Directed by Vikas Badiger is a Short Documentary in Kannada

28. Third

Directed by Manash Pratim Dutta this is a documentary short in Assamese and English.

29. Thodi Si Khushi 

Directed by Ashish Madurwar this is a narrative short in Hindi language

30. Trans Kashmir

Directed by Surbhi Dewan and S A Hanan Trans Kashmir is a documentary feature in English, Kashmiri and Urdu.

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