Friday Night Plan Review: Babil Khan, Amrith Jayan Film Is The Perfect Raksha Bandhan Watch With Siblings

A sweet film!
Friday Night Plan Review: Babil Khan, Amrith Jayan Film Is The Perfect Raksha Bandhan Watch With Siblings

The bond between siblings is the weirdest relationship ever. Weird because you can give your kidney to them but cannot let them use your phone charger. Weird because you want to smack them but will wage war if anyone else even touches them. Weird because you feel intense rage for them but at the same time you will go to lengths to protect them too. I can go on and on because I am the eldest of three siblings, and I found my sentiments perfectly echoed in the newly released Netflix film, Friday Night Plan. The film stars Juhi Chawla, Babil Khan, Amrith Jayan, Aadhya Anand, and Ninad Kamat among others. It is a Vatsal Neelakantan directorial and this coming-of-age is produced under the Excel Entertainment banner. 


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Plot of Friday Night Plan 

The plot of this film is pretty straightforward and simple. Two brothers Sidharth (played by Babil Khan) and Aditya (played by Amrith Jayan) study in the same school. Sidharth is a total nerd who spends his free time at school in the library and does not want to start applying to colleges without thorough research. Aditya is his complete opposite. He is carefree and loves being the centre of attention. 

After Sidharth goals an accidental goal and wins his school the inter-school football game, he instantly becomes a hero. He is recognised by everyone in school, something he could not do despite studying there for eight years. Now, he gets invited to the senior’s Friday Night Plan, which is a huge party that is thrown only when something special happens. 


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Coincidentally, the same night, their mother, Juhi Chawla, has to leave the boys alone for one day as she has to close a business deal in Pune. She trusts the boys will manage without her but does not give Sidharth to use her car even though he has a licence. But due to unavoidable circumstances (read ladki ka chakkar), he takes the car and Aditya as plus one to the Friday Night Plan party. 

Well, what ensues further leads them to encounter the police (I’ll give you a hint, it involves an egg fight and the car getting towed!) Nothing major happens at the party except Sidharth rejects the school’s hot girl whom he had a huge crush on and he and Aditya learn new things about each other. Like I said, the plot is pretty simple. 

Cast of Friday Night Plan 

Babil Khan as Sidharth 

Babil Khan’s portrayal of Sidharth, the elder brother, was so perfect that it made me relate to him. He was constantly worrying about his younger brother, being in alert mode always, and putting the family’s needs first. This is exactly how first-borns in a brown household are raised to be. 

Sidharth is such a darling that it made me want to give him a hug. After the heart-to-heart talk he has with Aditya, he finally realises that he has to learn to live for himself too. And the girl he chooses to go prom with at the end will really leave you surprised!

Amrith Yahan as Aditya 

As Babil perfectly represents all elder siblings, Amrith as Aditya represents all younger ones. He is so careless, more like carefree, extremely cool and a real smooth talker. He looks up to Sidharth like most younger siblings and it made my heart swell a little. 


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Amrith as Aditya was naughty and cute at the same time. I totally related to Sidharth when he often got mad at his younger brother because harkatein hi aise hai! But at the end of the day, Aditya saves the day (watch the movie to know what I am talking about) and he and Sidharth get on better terms with each other. 

Juhi Chawla 

Now, Juhi Chawla did not play a prominent role in the film but it was quite refreshing to see her grace my screen after so long. She plays a single mother who is a businesswoman in the film. There was not much given to her to play with for her part but she did a good job nonetheless. 


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Medha Rana

Medha Rana played Natasha in the film, the school’s popular and hot girl. She pulled off the role well so much so that her exact replica from my school popped up in my mind watching her. 


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Friday Night Plan is a short, simple and sweet story which is an ode to sibling relationships. Those who have siblings will totally be able to relate to the film. There is an underlying message that blood is thicker than water which also comes across very well by the end of nit. 

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Now, my only complaint about the film is that it was not relatable to me in terms of the academic setting. It shows that Sidharth and Aditya study in a fancy school that runs on the American academic system where students have to apply for colleges in their final year. There was also a concept of asking to prom shown in the film. A little bit more relatability on that front would have been great! 

But Friday Night Plan is a fun and light-hearted watch. The film drops on Netflix on September 1, 2023, to sort your Friday binge-watching scenes!

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