Fawad Khan Thirst Tweets After ‘Ms Marvel’ Episode 5 Just United A World Separated By Borders

Fawad Khan Thirst Tweets After ‘Ms Marvel’ Episode 5 Just United A World Separated By Borders

Fawad Khan has undoubtedly made a massive splash when it comes to his role as Hasan in Ms Marvel. He smiled, spread positive messages and flirted via poetry, and in the process, stole our hearts. His charm, eyes and ability to act have gotten us all mesmerised and left us absolutely in love. I still remember the first time I saw Fawad Khan on the big screen, his smile stole my heart. His acting skills are marvellous and his charm can take you on a trip to paradise. I remember falling in love with him the minute I first saw him. I had one of those, ‘Oh my god! Who is this? Must find his name on Google!’ moments. I’m absolutely sure I ain’t the only one.

The 5th episode of Ms Marvel came out yesterday and Twitter has been going berserk with compliments and thirsty comments aimed at Fawad and his acting skills. Fawad Khan who plays Kamala’s Nana-Abbu (maternal great-grandfather) Hasan (Fawad Khan), finally makes an appearance on the show as Kamala time travels to the time of the India-Pakistan Partition. She also finally gets to meet Aisha, her great grandmother, and the Clandestine who decided to abandon her mission and leave everything behind because Hasan created a beautiful home for her in his world (I mean, who wouldn’t want to abandon everything for a chance to be with Fawad Khan, I know that I would!)

What’s all the more special about Ms Marvel’s latest episode is that it shattered the barriers created by borders. This one appearance by Fawad Khan was not only able to unite two countries in the best way possible, but it also introduced the appeal and talents of Asian actors to the world. People all around the world are thirsting over how good-looking Fawad Khan is, how he sounds, and of course, his acting skills.

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This has left all of us waiting desperately for the next episode and the next time we get to see more of this gorgeous and talented actor on screen.

Until then, here are some thirst tweets from fans to relate over!


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Hasan and Aisha are being called the best couple from this generation of MCU. Their couple (Hasan and Aisha) is beyond just trending and Twitter is totally in love with that aspect too. I personally, agree with all of these Tweets. I love them and I can’t wait to see what Marvel does with the next episode!


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What makes this cameo all the more special is his absolute radio silence since it came out. Or even before it! Imagine being one of the few Asian actors in the MCU and yet, the man has not posted anything or done interviews to talk about it. The allure is just escalating at this point!

Sigh, we hope Fawad Khan is reading these tweets and will bless us with some more of his Noor!


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