Exclusive: Rajeev Khandelwal Shares Hilarious Incident From Showtime Set With Shriya Saran: “She’s Always Joking”

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Exclusive: Rajeev Khandelwal Shares Hilarious Incident From Showtime Set With Shriya Saran: “She’s Always Joking”

Actors naturally form a delightful bond with the co-stars with whom they spend the most time on set. And it is always heartwarming to hear them share fun stories about it. During a recent chat with the Showtime star Rajeev Khandelwal, the actor recalled his experience of working with Shriya Saran, his on-screen wife in the show. He couldn’t stop praising her as an actor and also spoke about some of her quirky traits.


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Rajeev Khandelwal On Bond With Shriya Saran

When I asked Rajeev Khandelwal about his experience of working with his Showtime co-stars, the actor had some really sweet words for all of them. However, since he spent the most time on the set with Shriya Saran, Rajeev had a lot to talk about her. With a big smile on his face, the Showtime star said, “Shriya can be too much to handle sometimes. Her laughing spree, or when she loses, she loses it but  I am saying this in a fun manner. It takes a while for her to come back. Shriya is chilled out always like she will only be cracking jokes and she will laugh most of the time.”


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Rajeev Khandelwal also shared a funny Showtime BTS incident with her. The actor said, “There was a scene with her where she had to give me a steroid injection and that too on my bum. While shooting that scene, whenever I tried to pull my pants up, she used to pull them down.” Laughing about the whole situation, he further added, “Half of our time went into doing that, and ultimately with folded hands, I asked her to let me go and I also wondered why this scene was written.”

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The Showtime actor also recalled his first meeting with Shriya Saran. He said, “Shriya is a very lovely girl and easygoing. So when we met for the first time, it just felt as if we knew each other for the longest time. I’d gone to Dharma’s office to do a reading with her. And that was the first time I was meeting her and it just felt like we knew each other. I feel she doesn’t speak apt Hindi because she has done predominant work in the South Indian market and she speaks more English. So it was fun because I was taking her case in Hindi and she would take my case because I think she would just really try and pull my leg in a lot of places. After all, she knew that I was being uncomfortable.”

Showtime will stream on Disney Plus Hotstar from March 8. 2024.

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