Apurva Twitter Review: Twitter Is All Praises For Tara Sutaria’s Acting, Say “Best Performance So Far”

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Apurva Twitter Review: Twitter Is All Praises For Tara Sutaria’s Acting, Say “Best Performance So Far”

A survival thriller titled Apurva was recently released on Disney Plus Hotstar. The series is helmed by Tara Sutaria and also casts Dhairya Karwa, Rajpal Yadav and Abhishek Banerjee in lead roles. Apoorva Lakhia’s directorial has received the verdict from the audience. Many Twitter users reviewed the film and they have unitedly hailed Tara’s performance in this thriller. However. there are mixed feelings about the plot and ending of Apurva. Here are some Tweets that will help you decide whether the film is worth investing your time or not.


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Apurva is a survival thriller in which Tara Sutaria’s lead character is kidnapped by a group of men. The film proceeds to show how she escapes from them and what obstacles she faces on the way. Many people who watched the series on Disney Plus Hotstar after its release on November 15 have given their feedback on Twitter. Most of the Twitter reviews are about Tara Sutaria’s impressive acting in the film. People compared Sutaria’s performance with her previous films. They found Apurva to be the actress’s best in her acting career till now. Here are some tweets on the same.

Other Twitter users reviewed the Apoorva Lakhia directorial in detail. Some of them pointed out that the film’s ending was not satisfactory and the plot was also mediocre. Some were of the opinion that the film’s plot offered nothing new and exciting, except that the cast put forth a brilliant performance. However, a group of Twitter gave a completely opposite review. They praised the film for not having a single boring scene with unexpected turns and twists. Here are some of the reviews.


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Rajpal Yadav and Abhishek Banerjee also received many positive comments on Twitter for their performance in Apurva.

Well, looks like Apurva will be worth the watch mostly because of its performances, because the audience doesn’t have any complaints there.

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