Exclusive: Ankita Lokhande Says Kangana Ranaut Is Misunderstood: “She’s Hard On The Outside, Soft On The Inside”

Exclusive: Ankita Lokhande Says Kangana Ranaut Is Misunderstood: “She’s Hard On The Outside, Soft On The Inside”

In the flashy world of Bollywood, where things can change faster than a movie scene, real friendships are like treasures you find unexpectedly. One such treasure is the bond between Ankita Lokhande and Kangana Ranaut. In the recent episode of Hauterrfly’s The Male Feminist, Bigg Boss 17 star Ankita Lokhande talked about her bond with actor Kangana Ranaut. The two actors worked alongside each other in the film Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi and have had a lot of buzz around their bond because of the duo’s moments on the internet.

Ankita Lokhande On Her Bond With Kangana Ranaut

Ankita Lokhande talked about her friendship with Kangana Ranaut, giving us a peek into their special connection. While talking about how Kangana Ranaut has been misunderstood at times with the things she says, Ankita Lokhande said how upfront people are often misunderstood. In the conversation, Ankita Lokhande talked about her experience working with Kangana Ranaut. She added how Kangana and she just fit right in because she felt like they were similar in terms of their personalities.

As Ankita Lokhande talked about the Bollywood star she said, “Like how a coconut is hard on the outside but soft on the inside, Kangana has that kind of personality.” Ankita added, “I’m also similar to Kangana in this case, we might say something but mean another, which people often misunderstand”

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Ankita Lokhnde talked about Kangana Ranaut being more than just a co-star for her. she added how they understand each other well, especially when sharing their thoughts and feelings. “I feel that way because I’ve worked with her, and she’s just like that. I feel like I’m the same.” Ankita gushed. “She always speaks her mind.”

Further into the conversation, Ankita opened up about how Kangana was there for her during tough times. She also added how the Bollywood star has been a source of strength for her further saying “I relate to her and she relates to me. She’s a good-hearted person.”

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During Ankita Lokhande’s time on Bigg Boss 17, Kangana Ranaut was always seen being there for the actor the the times of distress. No matter what happened on the show, Kangana Ranaut was seen supporting the Bigg Boss star. She even wanted Ankita to win, but she also cared about Ankita’s marriage. Ankita Lokhande made an appearance as a guest on Lock Upp, a reality show hosted by Kangana Ranaut.

In the interview, Ankita Lokhande also talked about how important her friendships with other women are to her. She said there’s a special kind of comfort and support you get from female friends that you can’t find anywhere else. Ankita also shared about her journey on Bigg Boss 17 with her husband, Vicky Jain, and how it affected their marriage.

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