“I Was Molested At 6”: Entrepreneur Aprajita Toor On Why She Became Rebellious, Lost Her Femininity

Majority of the women would relate

There are additional hardships like patriarchy, harassment, molestation, and restrictions that every woman is subjected to go through unless she decides “Enough Is Enough”. If you are a woman who has rebelled against these struggles in order to achieve your dreams, then you will surely connect with the story of Aprajita Toor that she just shared on the new episode of Hauterrfly’s Mentally Yours, hosted by Sarah Jane. Aprajita Toor discussed her reasons for becoming a rebel, and losing the touch of “Feminity”, and it was not just because of her parents!

Aprajita Toor is the founder of a footwear brand that she started in 2012. The entrepreneur graced the second episode of Hauterrfly’s Mentally Yours and had an in-depth conversation about her life and struggles with host Sarah Jane. Aprajita Toor opened up about the reasons that turned her into a rebel. Talking about the same, the entrepreneur revealed that she grew up in a restricted environment in which she was given lesser freedom than her younger brother. Aprajita Toor said that since her father was of a conservative nature, it led her to do everything that she was restricted from. “I would go out with my boyfriend, would go clubbing with friends, look forwards to my night shifts at work,” added Aprajita on how she developed a rebellious attitude.

Aprajita Toor also revealed that her parents were not the only reason that made her rebellious but it was “Way more deep.” Talking about her past, the entrepreneur opened up about the time when she was molested at the age of 6. She also believes it to be a reason why she lost “Femininity”, became an aggressive woman, an overprotective mother and developed zero tolerance towards harassment and eve-teasing. 

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I am sure, most of us would connect with this journey of Aprajita Toor. Majority of the Indian girls have to fight the prejudices that come along their way while she is on their journey to achieve their dreams. And honestly, it’s not an easy path to conquer but there are inspirations around us!

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