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PM Modi Highlights Achievements Of Female Trailblazers In Latest Mann Ki Baat Episode!

March 26, 2023 | by Sakshi Singh

On Mann ki Baat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed admiration for the prominent role that women have played in India’s progress. During the 99th episode, he specifically commended the achievements of Captain Shiva Chouhan, Oscar-winning producer Guneet Monga, filmmaker Karti Gonsalves, and loco pilot Surekha Yadav. The Prime Minister’s recognition of these women’s contributions serves as a testament to the powerful impact of female empowerment in India.

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During his latest ‘Mann ki Baat’ radio program, Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted the significance of Navratri and its message of worshipping ‘shakti’ or power. He went on to emphasize that India’s ‘nari shakti’ or female power is leading the nation towards progress and development. PM Modi praised women’s achievements across different fields and highlighted a significant milestone in Nagaland’s politics. For the first time in 75 years, two women have been elected as legislators to the state assembly, marking a significant step forward for female representation in the region. He further highlighted that the people of Nagaland have also welcomed a woman minister, marking another significant first for the state. 

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his admiration for the achievements of India’s under-19 women’s cricket team, who made history with a resounding victory over England in the T-20 World Cup. The Prime Minister recognized the dedication and hard work put in by the young athletes to bring glory to the nation on the international stage. He also highlighted the remarkable achievements of some of India’s most trailblazing women. Prime Minister included the all-women platoon serving on a UN peacekeeping mission, Group Capt Shalija Dhami – the first woman Air Force officer to receive a Command Appointment in a Combat Unit, and Captain Shiva Chauhan – the first woman Indian Army officer to be stationed in Siachen. Their remarkable achievements serve as an inspiration to women across the country.

The Prime Minister’s recognition of the contribution of women in politics and other areas of society is a testament to the growing influence and potential of female empowerment in India. Through his words, he encourages the country to recognize and celebrate the power and potential of women in all aspects of life.

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Sakshi Singh

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