Exclusive: Gauahar Khan Calls Out Toxic Masculinity, Shares How Men Can Be Better Allies For Women!

She has a point!

Bigg Boss 7 winner Gauahar Khan has always been an outspoken person and if her stint on the reality show wasn’t enough for you to believe that, this latest episode of The Male Feminist featuring the actress should be enough. In an exclusive chat with Hauterrfly’s Siddhaarth Aalambayan, Gauahar opened up about feminism, the importance of speaking one’s mind and her horrifying experience of eve-teasing that scarred her. During the interaction, the actress also shared how she thinks men can be better allies for women.


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In episode 48 of Hauterrfly’s The Male Feminist, Gauahar Khan said that men can be better allies by becoming better humans. She went on to add that, that’s all they need to live a happy life. “Aap mard ho ya aurat ho, aap sirf ek insaan ban ke rahiye aur zindagi bohot hi kush rahegi because aap baki chezon mein complicate nahi honge aur apne aap ko koi toop nahi samjhenge. Easy rahenge toh life mein kush hi rahenge (Men or women, just become a human and your life will be happy because you won’t have any complications. You won’t think of yourself as someone big and it’ll make life easier and happier for you),” said the actress.

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When Siddhaarth Aalambayan pointed out how society promotes toxic masculinity by saying “mard ban” to men, the Bigg Boss 7 winner questioned why no one says “aurat ban”. Gauahar Khan further said, “Tum shirt khologe and muscles nikal jayenge? Tum laal chaddi mein udne lag jaoge? Kya hoga? Kuch nahi hoga!”


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Watch the complete video here to see what the actress had to say about feminism, motherhood, breaking social norms and much more.

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NGL but we think men need to understand how toxic masculinity and “mard ban” is not going to make them a man but just being a better person might.

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