Exclusive: Nisha Rawal Shares Important Financial Literacy Advice For Married Women, Says “Don’t Depend On…”

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In various episodes of The Male Feminist, many female celebrities have spoken about their ways of managing finances and financial independence. In a recent episode of the show, actress and model Nishal Rawal also highlighted the importance of financial literacy, especially for women. Nisha also shared her personal experience to shed light on how women eventually tend to lose control over finances after marriage. and ways in which they can avoid it from happening.

Nisha Rawal graced the latest episode of Hauterrfly’s The Male Feminist. The Rafoo Chakkar actress has a candid and enlightening conversation with the host Sidharth Aalambayan. She gave some important points while talking about the topic of financial literacy. Nisha Rawal said, “Financial literacy is tough, but one must know how to spend and invest their money wisely, and they need to be secure.” The actress further spoke about how women start depending too much on their husbands after marriage, that they forget their own personality too. She added, “When a partnership happens, one partner becomes the financial head, even if the woman is earning too, the role is divided in an unspoken way.” Nisha Rawal also accepted that she too ignored managing her finances after marriage for a long time, but after a point of realisation, she took things into her control too. The actress said, “I felt disabled, and I acknowledged this first. We started again and talked to the right people to take advice on finances and financial literacy. ”

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Actresses like Jasmine Bhasin and Mona Singh have also spoken about financial literacy in The Male Feminist. It is important for women to learn the skill and develop the habit of understanding and managing their own finances, even after marriage. Nisha Rawal too tried to highlight this through her answer.

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