Exclusive: Jasmine Bhasin Lists 3 Reasons Why Women Must Be Financially Independent

Ladies, take notes!

Ladies, it is very important to gain financial independence in life. It is necessary to look up to a successful woman not just for her beauty or figure but also for the fame and money that she has earned for herself with hard work. Taking some financial literacy advice from these women is always a good option. TV actress Jasmine Bhasin recently spoke about the importance of financial independence on Hauterrfly’s show The Male Feminist. The actress also shared about the time when she gained her financial freedom and talked about the ways in which it empowers women.


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In a candid conversation with host Siddharth Aalambayan, Jasmine Bhasin talked about the importance of financial independence in a woman’s life. Sharing incidents from her personal life, Jasmine revealed that she stopped taking money from her parents after 12 and also took an education loan which she started repaying after working part-time jobs during the initial years. Jasmine called financial independence her biggest strength. The actress urged all the women to make this their strength as society already considers women as the weaker sex who are only capable of managing the house and not the finances. Jasmine strongly believes that women need to change this perspective.


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Another reason why Jasmine thinks its financial independence is important for women is because of the fact that it gives them the right to live life under their conditions and not be dependent on anyone else. Further elaborating on the same, Jasmine said “The times when women married men for financial stability but now the times have changed.” Jasmine also reminded other girls that in today’s time “We are all equal.”

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Jasmine Bhasin’s ideas of financial independence are quite empowering and every girl should take some tips from it!

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