Wintercare Tips For That Warm, Fuzzy Feeling

Wintercare Tips For That Warm, Fuzzy Feeling

You may not be stepping out a lot but come winters and the weather with a nip in the air, will make you want to step out, perhaps to a place where there is no one around and you can take your mask off and take giant gulps of fresh air.

But while winter brings with a whole host of exciting things, it also brings around a bunch of things you have to work with.

And one of the biggest things is skincare. While in summer your skin is oozing lots and lots of oil, in winter, your skin tends to feel tight and dry.

Plus, all your coats have to be pulled out and everything smells a little old. In this article, learn why you should change up your routine during winters.

Tip 1: Air Out Your Woollens

When summer comes around, our woollens are often whisked to the back of the closet, ignored till it’s winter again. This could mean that the woollens catch on a peculiar smell. Air them out regularly, so you don’t have to put your precious woollens through many washes.

Tip 2: Keep Body Odour Away

You want to wear layers and be snuggling with a loved one around a fireplace. But often, lots of layers could invariably mean that even a slight change of temperature has you sweating under your many thick layers. And with that sweat trapped inside, it could quickly go downhill and end up not smelling your best. Your underarms will thank you if you generously apply the NIVEA Pearl and Beauty Roll On. They keep you smelling fresh all day long and make your underarms smooth and beautiful.

Deo Milk

Tip 3: Enjoy A Nice, Hot Shower

Winters can mean that even climbing out of the blanket seems like a difficult task. Add to that you don’t think you’re are sweating, and you won’t want to shower. But step into that shower, and you know that it feels like an experience. Indulge yourself by lighting some candles, using a delicious smelling scrub and soaking up on the good vibes. Then, swipe on the NIVEA Deo Milk Roll On to ensure your underarms are beautiful and nourished. A bath and smelling good can drive away your winter blues.


Tip 4: Grab That Hot Chocolate

Winter nights are best spent with family. Gather around in the living room, grab your favourite throw and get your feet warm. You could indulge in some creamy, delicious hot chocolate. And what better than roasted marshmallows to go with it. It’s the best way to enjoy winter.

Winter care isn’t limited to just taking care of your skin and lips but also involves indulging in your favourite rituals that make you happy. So, pull out the sweaters and hoodies and get ready to enjoy the chill of the winters.

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