Why HiPi Star Hunt Is Your Next Big Break. You Get To Star In A ZEE5 Original

Why HiPi Star Hunt Is Your Next Big Break. You Get To Star In A ZEE5 Original

The pandemic has thrown everyone into a situation where binging on series on OTT platforms has become our favourite thing to do. And ZEE5 has been serving up some major entertainment. We love some of their shows, especially because their content heroes women, puts them in the centre stage and makes entire storylines around them. So when they announced the HiPi Star Hunt, we were excited. This is your chance to hit the orbit of success and stardom. Here’s why enrolling in the HiPi Star Hunt makes sense.


This is the best part. The winner of the competition gets to star in show/movie that is a ZEE5 original.  The best part about this is that HiPi is an extremely democratic platform so anyone and everyone who wants to grab this opportunity to shine in the world of entertainment, can try. This is your next big break.

Oh and there’s more, there isn’t just one role up for grabs, nope. Casting is being done for 2 popular shows and you could star in one of them. Jamai 2.0 and Sunflower are both popular shows and you could be roped in to play one of the lead characters.

Download ZEE5 app to get HiPi and audition on HiPi Star Hunt now!


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Are you ready to become a star? HiPi Star Hunt aagaya hai, India ka sabse bada Digital Auditions. Audition for our upcoming ZEE5 Originals and act along with the superstars. HiPi Star Hunt will put you on a fast track to stardom. It all depends on your talent! Yahan Sabko break milega! Download ZEE5 and audition now on HiPi. Link in bio. #HiPiStarHuntJamai #AuditionForRohan #HiPiStarHunt #HiPiStarHuntSunflower #AuditionForRajhans #casting #castingcall #auditions #castingcouch #HiPi #zee5 #Fun #fame #entertainment #famous #celebrity @zee5shows @zee5 @zee5premium @zee5_marathi @zee5malayalam @zee5_bangla @zee5telugu @zee5tamil @zee5kannada @ravidubey2312 @vaibhav_vishant @niasharma90 @chintzykaur

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It’s India’s First Digital Star Hunt, Hosted On HiPi

While there have been several star hunts in the offline world, this is the first one that is happening digitally. The auditions, all the rounds etc will all happen online and it’s all being hosted on the short video content creation platform HiPi. If you have the talent, they apply now because not only is this going to a be a first but also because you get access to some of India’s best talent and a popular platform to show your talent. You also have the added benefit of being guided by industry experts who will mentor you and guide you on their journey to stardom.

It’s A Digital Audition, So It’s Safe

You can never be too safe during these times and that the entire audition process of the HiPi Star Hunt is happening digitally is a huge plus. You have to send in your auditions from the comfort of your home, without spending hours in the heat to get a chance to prove your talent. And it’s democratic because no one gets a one up because of their connections. All you have to do is create a 30-90 second audition clip and upload it.

Download ZEE5 app to get HiPi and audition on HiPi Star Hunt now!

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