What Prompted Sara’s Move?

What Prompted Sara’s Move?

What do Sara Ali Khan and Taimur Ali Khan have in common besides the fact that they are both, well, Khans? That the media absolutely adores both of them. Which is why the internet was abuzz when Sara Ali Khan was spotted looking low on energy, putting her bags in the car. Obviously, speculation is rife about what could have possibly prompted Sara’s move. We did spot a picture a day later of her lounging around in a spanking new house, which makes the question relevant again. Why would she move out? We give you 5 reasons she possibly chose to do this.


She Needs Space

Things can get pretty hectic in an actor’s life. There’s shoot schedules, promotions, ads, endorsements, it can get plenty busy. And when you are constantly in and out of the house, your family can start to feel ignored. Maybe she just needs all the extra space.


Sara Wants Her Independence

No matter how old you get, to your parents you are always a child. Often, you’ll come back from a night about town and your mum’s up, sleepy but waiting to know you are home safe. And while that’s amazing, it can also make you crave your independence. We are guessing Sara wanted to explore living alone and we are here for it.


Sara Is Good At The Adulting Thing

Look, we may all be winging this thing called adulting but perhaps, Sara Ali Khan is good at it. We got a peek into her life when she appeared on a popular chat show, where she seemed cool, collected and like a responsible adult. So maybe she is ready to take the next step and try her hand at adulting with paying the bills and all that.


She’s Got A New Interests

We can’t entirely dismiss the fact that Sara might just be exploring a bunch of new interests. Love and otherwise. Maybe she’s interested in a boy she can’t bring home to mom just yet. Maybe she wants to have lots of pups and her mom was against it. Maybe she just wants the freedom to make her own choices. Or maybe there is a new love interest on the horizon. Whatever it is, we are so proud of Sara for being an inspiration to all of us.

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