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5 Real #UnitedByHalf Stories That’ll Inspire You To Fall In Love

February 14, 2017 | by Japleen Kaur
UCB United By Half_Hauterfly

We live in a time when we see injustice all around us and one of the biggest of them all is but obvious — gender discrimination. Whether it’s about unequal pay or just the usual marriage norms, where the woman has to sacrifice a lot more than her male counterpart ever does, it’s in the very fabric of our society. But things are a-changing. It’s we’re treated better. No, we don’t ask to be superior, all we want are equal rights. You know that is fundamental?

We want to be the best, but with our partners by our side. For us to progress in life, personally or professionally, we have to work as a team, put in the same effort in whatever we do, and earn due credit — not more, not less. Taking an initiative on just this train of thought is United Colors Of Benetton’s latest campaign — #UnitedByHalf. The idea is for women to be conscious of their basic rights and attain them. Face of the campaign, Kalki Koechlin, says, “Men, we need you to be our half, so that we can accomplish greatness together.”

While we hear horror stories a dime a dozen, there are plenty of women out there who have been blessed with supportive, loving, feminist partners/husbands/boyfriends. And instead of focussing on what’s wrong with the world, it’s time to start counting our blessings. Here are 5 real, kickass, amazing people, who are doing wonderful things, achieving all their, partly because thanks to the support and love provided by their soulmates, their better halves. Read on for some real life inspo this Valentine’s Day.


UCB United By Half_Hauterfly

“After being together for 12 years, Sarit and I got married 4 years ago. Marriage changed a few things, of course. I’d lie if I say it didn’t. But the compromises weren’t mine alone. For an Indian bride with rituals leaning towards severe patriarchy, you feel your first doubt. Will you be treated as equals? Are you equal partners in this? Thankfully, for me, that was the day my fears were allayed.

My husband simply denied to perform all said rituals. I wasn’t going to touch his feet. I wasn’t going to wash them. I wasn’t going to accept the offering of food, clothes, and shelter as the dependent.

It’s the little things at home that often make you equals, if you think about it deeply. Sharing chores, cooking together, and then making the big decisions as partners. To be honest, not once in the last 12 years have I felt that doubt crop up. Being equals shouldn’t be a big deal. It should just naturally be the norm.”

— Jayeeta Mazumdar, Assistant Editor, T2 Online, The Telegraph


UCB United By Half_Hauterfly

“When I first met Heena, the only thought that crossed my mind was how will this work. Why? Because I am an atheist Gujarati and she’s a religious Muslim. Yes, a crazy place to be in, but we managed. Since day one, she has never forced me to give up my values and has been with me through thick and thin. While she practices her faith, I stand by her patiently. And to sum us up in a verse, ‘Both of us learn, both of us play. Both of us earn, both of us pay. Half and half make us One, But always the freedom to be our own One’.”

Misaal Turakhia, Senior Software Engineer, Fork Media


UCB United By Half_Hauterfly

“Param and I have been together for almost 9 years now, and it has been a wonderful ride. If you know us, you will confirm that we are poles apart; we both have our individual identities that define us and we take that and complete a whole. We have separate goals, some in sync, while others not so agreeable, but we never stop each other from pursuing our dreams. We are unique, different people that have been woven together, equally.”

Archana Dubey, Entrepreneur 


UCB United By Half_Hauterfly

“We not only share secrets and good times together, but everything from laundry washes to tired-after-work-cooking sessions, too. Which is one of the reasons I married Danny, because what was important to me became important to him as well. My ambitions became his, and his, mine. I could tell our relationship grew because we gave as much as we got. And that, I believe, is key to make any relationship work”

— Prashansa Daniell, Content Writer, Fork Media


UCB United By Half_Hauterfly

“It has been 2 months that we have been married, so we’re still enjoying the honeymoon phase, and I’m pretty sure it will last forever. Since we are in the ‘building the home zone’, it is crucial that we support each other to the tee. And that is what Tavinder is — my support. From doing the household chores to paying the credit card bills, we divide it all equally. We are enjoying this amazing ride of marriage and will continue to do so, all the while walking hand in hand.

— Dapinder Suri, Marketing Manager, Viacom 18 Motion Pictures 


This is a dedicated post in collaboration with United Colors Of Benetton.

Japleen Kaur

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