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This Nike Pacer Has Inspired Us To Take Up A Sport — And Here’s Why It Matters!

July 26, 2016 | by Simi Kuriakose
Naina Mansukhani_Nike_Hauterfly

Given how our schedules and lifestyles have changed over time, there’s no denying that two aspects we seldom pay heed to are health and fitness. So much so, that we need to be reminded of women who’ve gone against the odds to break new ground and excel in the world of sports. Let’s be honest, there’s no substitute to picking up that tennis racquet and sweating it out on the court, or sprinting that extra mile on race tracks. And that’s exactly why at Hauterfly, we’ve made a conscious effort to get you acquainted with some exceptionally inspiring sports stars who compel us to get cracking before it is too late. These badass women provide enough evidence that devoting time to a sport only brings about a tenfold increase in your focus, confidence, and health, among several other qualities. Add to that, sports is seriously a lot of fun too!

Raking up those motivation goals this time around is Nike+ Run Club (NRC) Pacer Naina Mansukhani, who took to the tracks when she was just nine and never looked back. A lawyer who never let her profession deter her from pacing, sports is not only a passion for Naina, it is also an inseparable part of her identity. And that’s what draws us to her unstoppable energy. She’s just like you and me, but with a level of commitment to athletics that makes her a total #GirlBoss. We’ll just let Naina impact you through her story, just like she’s positively propelled the entire Haute Squad! Read on.


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1. Give It Your All No Matter What

“I ran my first competitive race when I was nine years old. I had no prior training, yet there I was, out on the track early one morning giving it my all, making a dash for the finish line. I finished eighth in my school and found myself a coach who taught me all there was to know about running and finding my form. And before I knew it, I was charging my way to yet another finish line. He made me realise that I had what it takes to be a runner. And once I started running, I never wanted to stop.”


2. Through Sport, You Can Find Yourself

“I moved to boarding school in 1997 when I was just six years old. Surrounded by unknown faces and terribly homesick, I found that being on the track gave me a sense of belonging I hadn’t felt before. Every wake-up call I didn’t snooze on, every mile mark I didn’t stop at, every training session I didn’t miss, helped shape my identity. From being a shy girl who was comfortable in her shell, I became the girl who was the first one to be selected for any race. Through running, I found my tribe and eventually, I found myself. I was involved in more than just running. I started playing basketball and football, and as I graduated from school to college I went on to represent Mumbai and eventually Maharashtra in athletics and football.”


3. Never Stop Despite How Tough It Gets!

“Today, I work in a law firm juggling endless client meetings and work commitments. Yet, even as work bogs me down, the thought of stopping never crosses my mind. On the race track, I find the energy to help me push through a stressful day one stride at a time. It is where I find the self-confidence I need when I’m feeling low. I continue to put in the work, day after day, week after week. I travel for over an hour in the morning to run with my friends before the start of every work day. My sport has become an inseparable part of who I am. And when I think about how far I’ve come, how many miles I’ve crushed along the way, and how many hurdles I’ve run past, I realise that there is no finish line.”

Inspired? What’s stopping you from getting out there and doing your thing? Start moving with the Nike + Running App or sign up for a weekly session here.

To keep up with Naina’s inspiring journey, follow her on Instagram.

* This is a dedicated post in collaboration with Nike.

Simi Kuriakose

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