5 Cool Ways To Unlock Your Sparkle!

5 Cool Ways To Unlock Your Sparkle!

‘Leave a little sparkle wherever you go.’ I read this quote a while ago, and it’s really stuck with me. Everyone has that sparkle within them that is waiting to be unleashed, and guess what, this seems to be just the season for that!

With a generous dose of sequins on international runways, and makeup gurus swearing by sparkle and shimmer, we think there’s no better time than now to unlock your sparkle! Celebrities the world over have been sporting bling as a style statement, and fashion IT girls are endorsing the trend left, right and centre!

So, if you’re looking to bring on the bling this season, then you’re in luck, girl! We’re about to show you how to shine on, long after the party season is over!

1. Sequin Fever

sequin fever

Whether it’s a shiny sequinned tank top teamed with black leggings and suede boots, or a cutesy floral dress paired with blingy gold bellies, adding small sparkly elements to your everyday attire can help you make a striking style statement. And the best part is it won’t look like you are trying too hard. The key is to balance out your look and let the sequins do the talking!

2. Sparkling Drinks? Yes, Please!

sparkling drinks

Not feeling like donning the sparkles? Why not sip on them instead? Cook yourself a fantastic meal, and pair it with a sparkling drink! Friday night done right, we think.

3. Shiny Stationery

shiny stationery

Stationery junkies, this one’s for you. Add to your fabulous collection with a journal, glitter pens, adorable stickers and more… there is no such thing as too much stationery. And if it’s sparkly, all the better! You can also get yourself a glittery phone case or laptop sleeve, if you want to spread that sparkle!

4. Sparkly Essentials

nivea lip balms

What is the one thing that you carry in your handbag all the time? A lip balm. Now, you’ll wonder what’s so sparkly about them? Well, Nivea has just launched the most adorable range of lip balms that has the perfect packaging – shiny, glittery cases. If you were possessive about your lip balm before, well, you will never part with these!

Each lip balm has a different coloured sparkly case that… wait for it… matches your personality! Bold (Red), Dramatic (Gold), Poised (Pink), Geeky (Silver), Goofy (Green) and Creative (Purple), there is literally something for every kind of girl. That only means you and your bestie can now have matching lip balms too!

5. ‘Nail’ It!

nail art

Nail art or a manicure is the easiest way to be part of the ‘sparkle’ tribe! Play around with glitter nail paints, create cute designs or even a simple silver nail polish will do the trick. After all, your nails deserve some TLC.

* This is a dedicated post in collaboration with Nivea.

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