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Urvashi Rautela Wore An Outfit That Weighed 9 KG And Didn’t Even Flinch. How!?!

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I cannot deal with a heavy outfit. And there are two reasons for it. Firstly, I am a millennial who has lived in a loose T-shirt and the lightest dresses all her life and secondly, I like my clothes to feel and weigh like a cloud. I’d simply stumble and fall if I ever tried an outfit that’s even one-eighth of my own body weight. That is why I cannot relate with people who can pull off a bulky saree or even a gown, for that matter, without getting annoyed or tired. Bollywood stars have no choice but to get used to wearing these heavy ass outfits for their roles, red carpets and photoshoots. I always wonder how they do it and make it seem so easy and natural. 

Remember Madhuri Dixit’s 30kg lehenga that she wore in Devadas’ song? No, let me rephrase that. Remember Madhuri Dixit’s 30kg lehenga that she danced in Devadas’ song? Deepika Padukone too wore mostly heavy outfits for her periodic dramas Padmavat and Bajirao Mastani. In the award functions and glamorous events too, we see celebs struggling to walk in an elaborate gown that probably weighs more than them. However strange it may seem, celebrities do it all the time. 

Recently, Urvashi Rautela also wore an outfit that was a bit (read: a lot) heavier than it looked. She posted a photo in a white mesh gown that she wore for a cover shoot of a magazine. Although the full outfit can’t be seen in the post, she told her followers that it actually weighed 20 pounds. She captioned the photo, “Yea Yea The outfit was super heavy (20 pounds on my body) but you know anything for fashion baby.” I am all for pushing my limits for fashion too, but a dress that weighs around 9 kg? I think I’ll pass.

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I don’t really get the purpose of a crazily heavy outfit. Although I understand that if it’s an occasion wear piece, like a heavily embroidered saree or a lehenga, the work and accents add to the weight of the fabric and make it heavier. However, we are trying to gradually leave the bulky outfits behind and move towards more manageable and easy-to-carry styles and silhouettes. After the pandemic, especially, that we spent in our easy-breezy loungewear, I am not sure if I can carry the extra weight of a heavy outfit anymore. Not that I could earlier too (lol).

Even the designers understand this and are exploring lightweight fabrics and design aesthetics not only in the regular clothing categories like workwear but also occasion wear and bridalwear. Weighty outfits and bulky clothing is impractical and a thing of the past, honestly. It was okay for Madhuri Dixit to wear such a heavy lehenga back in the day, but people are disappointed rather than excited to see heavy dresses. Although celebrities like Urvashi Rautela have to still wear such cumbersome gowns, and they carry it without flinching even a bit, we’d like to see some relatable looks and clothes in these shoots that we can actually steal in real life. Don’t you think?

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