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This Twitter Thread About New Year’s Resolutions, COVID-19 Pandemic And Mental Health Is Just What We Need Before Entering 2022

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I feel like hasn’t been normal for anyone for the past 2 years; and who’s to say how 2022 will go. With the cases rising and a new variant spreading, the state of affairs of 2022 are still a mystery to most of us. And I don’t know about you guys but the uncertainty of it all is worrying me and causing me anxiety. While I am someone who eagerly looks forward to New Year’s Eve every year, I hate to admit that the past 2 years’ celebrations have been pretty stressful thanks to all the trauma that has affected my mental health over the year and the restrictions that are imposed during this time. Behavioural health researcher and  Trauma therapist Ruchita Chandrashekar wrote a Twitter thread talking about the adverse effects the pandemic and New Year can have on one’s mental health and I feel like you guys should read it too. 

I honestly never looked at the term ‘best self’ this way. I feel it is because I tend to be very hard on myself where nothing I do is good enough. I always feel like I could have done more or tried harder. 

THIS! I feel that a lot of people from the older generation believe that we have it easy. But that isn’t the case. Competition is higher and the pressure to excel is more. We don’t have the option of taking breaks because then we fall behind. I personally go through the whole, “I am not enough,” mentality and I am aware of how bad that is for my mental health but I honestly don’t know how to get out of the cycle. I hope I am not alone here. 

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Ah… her words resonate with me. I believe everyone has extraordinary potential but we don’t give ourselves enough credit. Most of us tend to focus on our failures and losses over our small wins and successes. How are we supposed to enjoy life if we don’t ever celebrate it?


I wouldn’t say that Ruchita’s words have vanquished my anxieties and worries but I will say they have reminded me that it is okay to be anxious in the first place. We have all had years full of horrible mental health and traumatic experiences. And whether you believe it or not, your problems are just as valid as someone else’s. So please do try and be kinder to yourself when you set goals for yourself in 2022. I will be trying the same.

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