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Twitter User Asks Why Aren’t Marriages Lasting Like Our Grandparents’ Did, Gets Hard-Hitting Replies!

March 23, 2023 | by Kinjal Panchal

We as a generation have evolved a great deal from our parents and grandparents’ generations in almost every sphere of life. Our perspective of relationships, jobs, marriage, pregnancy, finances and just about everything is quite opposite to the thought our parents or grandparents have. Of the many things our society has evolved for, it has changed massively when it comes to understanding marriages. If a man or a woman fucks up, divorce is an option that is easily considered which was not the case during our dada-dadi and nana-nani’s times. So, when a Twitter user asked online why marriages are not lasting like our grandparents’ generations, other users came up with quite hard-hitting responses which are worth mentioning.

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A Twitter user @damndee__ dropped this thought-provoking tweet wherein she asked what was the reason why marriages were not lasting as they did in our grandparents’ times. Most of the responses were about how divorce was not an option, then. Women were expected to put up with every wrong thing their husbands did because they did not have finances to fall back on in case they ever got separated from their husbands.

Women today have become ambitious and will not settle with being someone’s wife or mother. Earlier if men cheated, women were expected to take them back but that is so not the case today.

A lot of people on Twitter also talked about how our grandparents should actually have gotten divorced as it would have saved our parents and, in turn, us from all the generational trauma.

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Women were always told to keep quiet and just go with the flow of things. They were told to compromise from the start because our society was highly patriarchal, then. It is patriarchal today but women no longer find themselves chained to do certain things. They have found the freedom to walk away from things that do not work for them.

Twitter Users Drop Unpopular Opinions On Relationships. Some Were Understandable, Some Were Shocking!


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