Twitter Users Drop Unpopular Opinions On Relationships. Some Were Understandable, Some Were Shocking!

People have some strong opinions on relationships!

As someone who was in a relationship for eight years, and then got married to my beau, I can attest that relationships take effort to maintain. One cannot just wing it along the way and if you are with someone who does this, please reconsider your relationship with them. Now now, if you are in a relationship, there are some ground rules you need to maintain, and here are certain things that are a big no-no! But as they say, to each their own, people have different views on what is okay and what is not in a relationship. Someone on Twitter asked people to share their unpopular opinions on relationships that are controversial, and boy, oh boy, the responses were shocking beyond belief!

The question was posed by a Twitter user whose handle was @_AyandaB who wanted to know people’s unpopular relationship opinions. This tweet gave Twitter users the opportunity to present some of the shocking opinions, which I don’t think I will recover from.

One of them wrote that if people sleep with others in a relationship, it cannot be considered cheating, because cheating is for married people. I absolutely do not agree with this, legal or not, you are breaking your partner’s trust if sleep outside of your committed relationship.

Another added that love is not enough to make a relationship work, which is 100 per cent true. You cannot be with a person who is not financially secure, emotionally secure or has anger issues and keep justifying their behaviour in the name of love.

One of the Twitter users said that a man will find other women beautiful but if he is with his female partner, he chose to be with her for more than just physical beauty. Well, this is a slightly controversial opinion because if you love a person, you love them regardless! See other people’s spicy opinions below.

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Well, this Twitter thread was surely an eye-opener on the things that people deem okay in a relationship. I did not agree with most of them, but kya kar sakte hain, jaisi jiski soch!

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