Twitter Feels Gareeb After Girl Asks If 40 LPA Is Good Enough For 23 YO In India!

Kidhar mil rahe itne paise?

When you are adulting hard in life and managing everything all by yourself, each penny that you earn matters. In fact, most of us start earning by the age of 25, here in India, and that too, we will not call ourselves “Well Settled”. Most fresher salary packages start in India at around 3.2 LPA. However, a girl on Twitter put forth a question on whether a 40 LPA salary is good enough for 23 year old or not! Now, the Indian youth feels attacked and the reactions to these questions are only truth bombs!Happy Money GIF by iHeartRadio San Francisco - Find & Share on GIPHY

A Twitter user by the name of Dipali Sharma raised her query on the micro-blogging platform, about whether a 40 LPA salary in India is reasonable for 23 year old or not. Many users took a moment to answer this question and looks like for them, even 40 LPA is not enough! One user replied saying that in Mumbai, a person needs 70 LPA, whereas another user said at least 80 LPA on this question.

Whereas, there were many users who felt offended by this question because they were not even earning close to 40. Making a joke of this question, one user responded by saying by the age of 23, a person should have their own startup. 

Some Twitter users even dropped truth bombs with their answers to show the actual reality of salary packages in India.

Then there were also some respondents who gave a practical answer to this question and criticised others for underestimating a salary like 40LPA. The users wrote that if this much amount is not enough, then even 80 LPA will not be good enough!

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Well, most of the people, in their mid-20s, as I say, don’t even earn more than a  5 LPA package. A few brilliant minds go ahead to earn this grand salary package. However, there never should be any comparisons. Every person is trying their best in their own capacity, but learning how to adapt to every kind of salary is also a good life lesson. Money is something that will never be enough for a person, because our needs and wants also keep increasing accordingly. So let’s just keep working hard and stick to our goals!

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