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This Teacher Explained Volcanic Eruption By Comparing It To Popping A Pimple. Why Didn’t My Teachers Think Of Such An Interesting Approach?

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I was a creative child who loved art and crafts in school and anything that brought out my creativity really (no wonder I am a writer). So, when in 6th standard, our Social Studies teacher asked us to make a model of volcanic eruption to explain how it works, I remember being so excited, gathering the cardboards and a bottle and bringing my volcano to life. While that little model helped me understand how the lava erupts out of a volcano, I am not sure it did much explaining about the science behind it. If only we had a teacher like this one from Maharashtra who uses very relatable, real life examples to explain the mechanism of these explosive volcanos.

A video of a teacher from Maharashtra is going viral on the internet where he is explaining the volcanic eruption by comparing it to popping a pimple. You know how the grime and pus settled under an angry pimple on your face burst out as soon as you squeeze it? This teacher used this perfectly relatable example so that his students could understand the science of a eruption. Not only that, he also mimics sounds of eruption and teaches with such zeal and enthusiasm, that you’d wish he was your teacher back when you were in school.

It was an IFS officer, Susanta Nanda, who posted the video on his twitter account and captioned it, “I regret not having studied under him. Teacher teaching VOLCANO in online class….”And all I have to say to this is same, sir, same!

Watch the video here.

In the video, the brilliant teacher is taking an online class and teaching in Marathi. Even if you can’t understand the language, like me, you can see how invested he is in the lesson and giving his heart and soul into teaching and making his students get the process of a volcano eruption. He even adds sound effects mimicking the eruption of lava in the most hilarious way and makes funny expressions which can make any lesson non-boring. You definitely wouldn’t want to miss his lectures and nobody could sleep in his class for sure.

Studying isn’t really something kids look forward to and given the current situation it has become even more tiresome as kids are forced to take online classes from their houses in front of screens with no friends or recess or games periods to blow off steam. It can be really boring and tedious for kids to take online classes all day but having a teacher like him could even make learning fun. Seems like now that teachers have to teach online, which probably even they are finding quite boring, they are stepping up their way of teaching and making this a fun experience for students. A few days ago, a video of a teacher surfaced who made memorising periodic table ridiculously easy by using hilarious mnemonics. See for yourself and try not to ROFL.

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Another teacher whose classes went viral was a YouTuber whose channel ‘Khan GS Research Centre’ has over 2 million subscribers and his lectures are no less than a comic skit. And, now this teacher from Maharashtra who made something as boring as a natural disaster enjoyable and awesome.

Twitter users lauded the teacher and his incredible teaching technique. A user wrote, “One of the best teachers…..I have seen till now….really passionate….” Another wrote, “Don’t think anyone would be sleeping in his class.” “Rock star teacher. Study should be fun. Surely he knows how to get the info across,” another user commented and added clapping hands emojis. A user also posted a second part of the class where his enthusiasm hasn’t lowered a bit, only shot up, if anything.

I bet all his classes are as interesting as this short lesson we just saw. Honestly, I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time and wished I had the chance to study from him. It would have been so much fun. It is clear from the video that he enjoys his job and loves to teach students. We need more such enthusiastic teachers who can come up with such entertaining and fascinating approach to explain science to students and actually make the subject fun.

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