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This Bride Chose To Ditch The Lehenga Choli On Her Wedding Day, To Get Married In A Powerful Pant Suit. We Love It!

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Like every other person out there, unique and with a mind of their own, dreams too can be categorised as something that is personal and individual to everyone’s taste. While I may have spent my life, okay not life but quite a few nights during this lockdown, imagining myself in the perfect traditional Sabyasachi lehenga with a matha-patti, embellished jewellery and an embroidered dupatta, there could be another woman out there, dreaming of walking down the aisle in an extravagant white gown with a long train. Perhaps till now, no one thought they would see a bride in a pant suit. But they would’ve spoken too soon. Breaking conventional bridal standards on her wedding day this bride actually did say ‘I Do’  in a powerful pant suit.

Sanjana Rishi is a bride who decided to ditch the lehenga, to make an outfit that’s entirely her own. She’s going to be remembered for being the bride in the pant suit. Standing out and creating quite a statement, Sanjana walked down in her exquisite powder blue pant suit on her wedding day, she didn’t just turn heads, she turned the entire industry of wedding couture around.

Sharing a caption that was just as moving as her choice to sport a pant-suit, Sanjana took to Instagram to write, “Unprecedented vibes…Who says bridal looks have to fit a mould, cultural or otherwise? The only thing a look must fit (other than your body) is your personality! I wanted to choose a wedding outfit that encapsulated my style but also stayed true to my commitment to supporting sustainability, local artisans and ethical shopping. I think I did great!” And great, you did!

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Going on to share the details of her something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, she then gave credits to all the elements of her attire that day, from a white bustier borrowed from a friend to a gorgeous ‘pre-owned Gianfranco Ferre powder blue pantsuit of her dreams’, while finishing the look with a pair of designer juttis. And as she went on to talk about how her look was one she wasn’t going to get over for a long long time, we too were convinced of it without a shadow of a doubt. After all, she was the bride who wore a pant suit and owned her wedding day, quite literally.

Bringing together elements of her Punjabi heritage with a maang tika and a lacy embroidered dupatta, her attire wasn’t just an eye-catcher but also a perfectly balanced representation  of what Sanjana stood for – a powerful, independent woman who could no longer be put into a box.

Sharing how she felt after going through the dreamy and precious ceremony, she talked about how, “The intimate nature of our wedding actually took a lot of pressure off, and I knew that, without feeling like I had to “perform” for anyone, I could be myself and dress however I wanted. I guess I didn’t think I was making a bold choice—I was just wearing what I like.”

They say, a wedding day goes on to become one of the most important days in a woman’s life, and looking at Sanjana being her true self on her most important day, filled us all with the inspiration and encouragement to be able to do just the same when our day comes. Maybe one of us can also be a bride in a pant suit.

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