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Sweet Home Review: It’s Thrilling, Scary, Emotional And Is Filled With Strong Characters. It Is A Must Watch Korean Series!

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2020 has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride. From Coronvirus to Joe Biden becoming the President of the states; we have seen it all (from home obviously). Just when we thought there is nothing this year could throw at us, a new strain of COVID-19 surfaced and at this point, I don’t even want to breathe in the oxygen outside. This seems like the end of the world but is it really? Sweet Home discusses exactly that.

I feel like Koreans are having too much fun with the pandemic and COVID-19. So far they have already managed to make two apocalyptic movies and a series in 2020. And it’s not just the Koreans even Indians now have newer content to show other than stuff like SOTY and whatnot. Phew. This pandemic really did some great stuff for the cinema and our eyes. We sincerely thank it. I absolutely love apocalyptic movies/series. My top favourites are Train to Busan (Gong Yoo *drool*), World War Z (Brad Pitt *drool*), and the newest addition would be Sweet Home (There’s a list of people I am drooling over so let’s skip this one).


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So, while everyone was losing their shit about the new strain of COVID-19 I went ahead and decided to watch this Korean apocalyptic series Sweet Home, which is based on the webtoon of the same name. At first, I just thought it was just another horror series with predictable twists and basically a yawn fest. When I saw the trailer on Netflix I didn’t make much of it. Anyway, since my standards are low, I decided to go ahead and watch it. The series stars Song Kang, Lee Do Hyun, Lee Si Young, Park Kyu Young, Go Min Si, Lee Jin Wook, and Kim Sang Ho. I’ll be honest as soon as I read Lee Do Hyun (Hotel Del Luna and 18 again) and Lee Si Young (Boys Over Flowers and Playful Kiss) I just knew that I had to watch the series. Mostly, for Lee Do Hyun ’cause that man is gorgeous af and I love his smile! Okay okay, I shall not be fangirling over that beautiful human anymore.

Basically, the synopsis of the series is that everyone has a  sad/dark past (every movie/series ever) and out of nowhere there is an outbreak where people are turning into monsters and no, I don’t mean zombies. Unlike zombies, these assholes refuse to die and come to life as soon as they are shot and have the ability to heal themselves.

The protagonist Cha Hyun Su (Song Kang) has recently moved into his new apartment and is shown to be depressed and suicidal. He even has a reminder on his phone to kill himself. As we get deep into the series we get to know why is he the way he is. And not only him, but the strong characters that he is surrounded by also play such important roles in this series. I loved how everybody’s story was told. Subtle but effective. Everyone is the protagonist of this series. That is one of the main things that kept my interest in this series. The hero is not shown as heroic but weak. Women are taking over and how! Everybody is saving everyone.



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It is so well written and directed I almost felt like I was a part of this show and I am fighting off those monsters with them. I am surviving with them. So much so that if anybody died I would cry with them. That could be mostly because I am PMS-y but I am also known to be a cry-baby. How are these guys turning into monsters? Good question.  But let me not reveal that. But once you are infected the only way to save yourself is through self-control and willpower. Otherwise not even God can help you from turning and uspar se you can’t even die. And if this was real life then I’d be the first one to turn ’cause willpower and self-control kya hota hai? *Eats chips*. The only way to find out one is infected when the nose starts to bleed excessively. Okay, something new and smart but why make it obvious that you are actually pumping out fake blood. Is it even possible to bleed that much from your nose? If one were to collect the blood for some reason then they would have been good for the next 50 years at least.



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But regardless of this and the funny looking monsters I still loved the series. Like I am emotionally attached and invested in this thing. Every fight that’s fought is more intense than the previous one which kept me hooked to the series. Sometimes I would yell stuff in Korean at my phone and my parents would think I have gone cuckoo. But they generally think that so it’s okay. At some point, I gasped so loud when I saw Lee Si Young’s chiseled face make an appearance, you would think there’s some sinister stuff going on in my house.  I mean that woman can fight anything with a body that’s so…bend-y, let alone monsters.

Okay, so my overall review for this series would be that – Koreans make the best apocalyptic move/series ever!  I am absolutely in love with this series and if you love action, drama, horror, and thriller then my friend this series is the one for you. Not once did I put my phone down or yawn. Women are not just props in this series, they are helping out and fighting monsters and some while they are pregnant. Fictional monsters are less scarier than humans (truth bombs right there). Koreans can never completely keep things seriously without dropping a laugh here and there. The cinematography of the series is anything but basic. The monsters may look a bit comical but man are they scary! Every single person in this series is important even the kids. In case, you don’t like gore and bloodshed, I would suggest you skip this one. AND I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT TO SEE SEASON 2!

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