Amused At Her Stories, Desi Twitter Floods With ‘Simple Sudha Murthy’ Memes That Are Simply Hilarious!

Thoda rude ho gaya, yaar!

We have seen some of the most hilarious memes being made about some of the most powerful people on this planet. From UK’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and PM Modi to celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Alia Bhatt, everything they have said or done has been churned into memes! But who would have that Sudha Murthy AKA Rishi Sunak’s mother-in-law would become a hilarious meme one day? Yep, the Inofosys chairperson, philanthropist and author became a meme because of her simplicity. Earlier people used to set an example of her simplicity but it looks ab zyada ho raha hai! Desi Twitterati has filled the micro-blogging site with such memes on the “simple” Sudha Murthy that it is impossible not to share them here!

Sudha Murthy has talked about how “simple” her lifestyle is on many occasions. She has also narrated incidents about how she was called ‘cattle-class’ when she was travelling by business class and also how UK immigration authorities thought she was joking when she wrote down 10 Downing Street (Rishi Sunak’s residence) as her address. And now, peeps are fed up with her simplicity. One of them made a meme saying that Sudha Murthy’s favourite cosmetic brand is also Simple! LOL! While another wrote how Murthy credits gravity for her down-to-Earth nature!

Another wrote how Sudha Murthy is yet to tell the story of when she went to a phone showroom to buy the latest iPhone but the salesman showed her models of Nokia and Micromax phones! Peeps have gone all out to troll her, haven’t they?

Another wrote Murthy would introduce herself as Simple because she well, she is so simple that it has become her identity now.

Oh, another Twitter user wrote that Simple Kapadia, sister of Dimple Kapadia, must have called herself Simple lesser times than Sudha Murthy has!

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Another Twitter user wrote that Sudhaji offers life tips to waiters instead of monetary ones, and this one had me going ROLF!

Well, the intent has had enough of Sudha Murthy’s simplicity because they feel that she is putting up a facade of being a middle-class person despite being extremely rich. Also, people thought her views on communal violence reeked of privilege.

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