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Slugging is a K-beauty Skincare Trend That Could Solve All Your Dry Skin Problems. PS, It Involves Just One Product

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We aren’t a big fan of icky skincare trends. Okay, that was a lie; we are totally into anything that promises great, flawless skin no matter how messy, stinky or disgusting it gets. Everything that gives us a heavenly glow, spotless complexion and plump skin texture, we are game. That’s why we hunt down skincare tips, tricks and trends and come across some incredible skincare hacks that might sound tricky and weird at first, turn out real game changers. Well, some of them, of course, like the latest one—(*drumroll*)—slugging.

It does exactly what it sounds like it would do. Slugging is a K-beauty skincare trend that deluges your skin with moisture by using one single beauty product. Honestly, I was a bit taken back with the fact that a skincare trend birthed by Korea involved just one product, since we all know how extensive and lengthy those skincare regimes are. Luckily for us (lazy girls), this one involves just one product and it is the one that’s probably sitting on your beauty shelf as we speak. It’s petroleum jelly or Vaseline that you’ve been using for umpteen beauty needs since childhood. A jar of Vaseline is all you need to score hydrated and plump skin. How? Let’s discuss in detail!


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Slugging involves slathering a generous amount of Vaseline or any petroleum gel on your cleansed face and leave it overnight. Yes, I know, I made a face too when I heard because let’s face it, no one wants sticky skin when you hit the bed (also, what about the sheets, am I right?) but hear me out. It works wonders on dry skin and helps retain moisture that is stripped away, courtesy of dry air, pollution and other million skin enemies. Vaseline is super moisturising and leaving it on your face overnight helps keeps your skin from experiencing transepidermal water loss during the night. This is especially beneficial for people dealing with dry skin conditions like eczema and anyone really with dry skin or residing in cooler places since it’s no secret how harsh the cold winds could be on skin. They zap the moisture off and leave it extremely dry. Slugging helps in healing the skin, curing itchiness and dryness and even helps with premature ageing. Not to mention, you wake up to naturally glowing and healthy-looking skin. So, that’s a bonus.

Slugging isn’t new, just a modification of a common traditional beauty practice. It may have sounded familiar to you because this household product called Vaseline has been used as a dry skin remedy for years now. I remember using Vaseline on my face when I was a kid every winter because my already dry skin used to be a nightmare in the cold weather. If only I knew this would become a huge skincare trend accredited to Korea! Not just Vaseline; you can actually use any healing ointment or petroleum jelly that locks in the moisture. Yes, it can get super slicky and sticky but I guess you could get used to it. You can also dab some tissue to get the excess off so you don’t feel uncomfortable or more importantly, ruin the sheets.


The benefits of this trick were first discussed on a Reddit thread and took off as the hottest skincare trend on social media in no time. And, can you blame them? It has got to be the easiest, cheapest and most convenient skincare regime of all time. I mean, you don’t have to spend hours to pull off multistep regimes, or shell out big bucks for a hundred of products and don’t even need skincare expertise to work a technique as basic as spreading and massaging a product across face and still would be able achieve glowing, moisturised and healthy skin? Isn’t this exactly what we’ve been expecting from Korean skincare industry? Yeah, thanks! From all of us dry skin owners at the lazy girl department.

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