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The “He’s/She’s A 10 But…” Twitter Trend Will Personally Attack You And Leave You Giggling In Self-Derision

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Have you ever been on one of those dates where everything about the person seems great but there will be one thing that you simply cannot ignore? I remember going out with a guy once and he was one of the nicest guys I’d met. BUT he had this annoying tendency of constantly interrupting me while I was speaking which irked me so much that I never called him back. And as the internet does, this collective misery that we all go through has been turned into a meme where people are talking about people who are “a 10” but have that one thing about them which is amiss. 

And as I have already mentioned, I truly believe that memes are simply the language of the youth. Literally, any form of tragedy or collective trauma that we can all relate to turns into a meme. Moreover, anything happening in pop culture is memeified to an extent that you can’t help but notice the drama. Look at what happened with the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp case. So as usual, let’s take a look at the new meme format that Twitter has adopted and check out people’s deal breakers,

Ayyy, these insecurities are valid!

Okay, random personal attacks

Ah… to live the dream…

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of all my exes getting defensive

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As a weeb, I agree,

Okay, wtf

Okay, Leave Bokuto alone… he’s a cuttu!

Okay, another personal attack I didn’t ask for

The way Osamu Miya has my whole heart

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Some of us are bad at showing emotions!

Yep, yep, RED FLAG!

OKAY, the Haikyu!! memes are the best part of my day today. I can’t with this KageHina moment!

While the “She’s/He’s a 10 but…” trend was extremely fun and a great start to my day, I loved all the anime references on Twitter. The weebs sure ate this one up and so did I!

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