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12 Important Lessons We Should Learn From Gen Z

January 12, 2023 | by Mehak Walia

We live in a post-modern world filled with chaos, social evils, turmoil, pollution, confusion, loss, pain and crime. Yet, we’re simply busy hating on the upcoming generations instead of working with them to create a better world. This is because we simply cannot understand the youth just like our parents couldn’t understand us. As millennials, we need to rectify this and learn some essential lessons from the next generation.

Today, on the occasion of National Youth Day, let’s try to understand what makes generation Z better, more advanced and happier and try to bridge the generation gap. Time to put our learning hats on, you guys!

12 Lessons We Can Learn From The Youth

1. We need to break the cycle. We’re doing exactly what our parents did to us by misunderstanding the next generation instead of patiently trying to spend time with them to understand and appreciate them. The next generation deserves better and we can bridge this gap by working on the same. 

2. The world needs to stop assuming that they know what’s best for the next generation. We need to give them respect and hear what they have got to say. Most importantly we need to treat them equally instead of constantly patronising them.

3. We have literally spent our lives trying to create a better world for ourselves and the generations that follow us and now that the next generation has a better world to live in, we’re simply jealous of them and the opportunities that they are getting. How does this make sense? We need to stop and get over this useless jealousy. 

4. Gen Z is very sorted because they can enjoy their youth. This is because they understand that adulthood comes with a string of responsibilities. They believe in living in the present rather than constantly worrying about the future.

5. Gen Z is a fashionable generation with a cause. According to them, it’s cool to shop for a cause. They choose the products consciously instead of going for just the cheaper ones, they know the importance of supporting good initiatives.


6. Gen Z has grown up in a digital world, they are the ones who are surrounded by technology. They have used technology for various purposes but most importantly they have shown that it can be used to ignite social change. They took to social media platforms to talk about various social problems and are spreading more awareness than ever before.

7. They value privacy but aren’t ashamed of living with their parents for longer than millennials, because they don’t wanna run away from their homes for some amount of privacy as we do. That’s a very good thing that they don’t have to hide their true selves from their parents.


8. They don’t entirely depend on formal education. They believe in teaching themselves via digital mediums. They exploit the humongous amount of knowledge available on the internet. They truly are digital natives.

9. Gen Z is competitive and good at hustling but they know where to draw the line and balance between work and life. They’re less likely to slog at work without overtime pay, unlike millennials who will let the passion for work take over their lives.

10. Millennials have been running after high-paying jobs which drains them more than their happiness but Gen Z isn’t like this. They do what they love, be it a job, being a social media influencer or starting their own business.

11. Gen Z passionately advocates for mental health awareness. Unlike some older generations, they don’t believe in suppressing and hiding their feelings. Gen Z has made it a lot easier to speak out about their traumas of mental illness and the advantages of reaching out for help.


12. They want more from life and are driven but they’re also realists. They are practical about money and are not living in some fantasy world but are aware of real-world problems. They start taking steps for a better future economically and socially.


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Isn’t it a good thing that the next generation isn’t going through the difficulties we went through to accept our realities? Gen Z is paving the way for a more aware, more conscious, more confident and more independent generation. This is absolutely what our society needs. So, we millennials need to accept them with open arms and learn all the good lessons that Gen Z has in store for us.

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Mehak Walia is an author and journalist who is addicted to psychology, true crime, Netflix, sarcasm, and makeup!

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