Sayani Gupta Says OTT Platforms Have Shattered Hierarchy Of Stardom

Can we all agree that OTT platforms have really changed the entertainment game for the better? Whether it be the acting, the storyline, the writing, the actors, etc. OTT platforms have opened up so many opportunities for artists and creators who are brilliant at what they do. They are able to get opportunities that are very difficult to get in the film industry. In fact, I would even take it up a notch and say that many of the underrated actors/artists of the film industry have gotten the appreciation they truly deserve in the OTT space. And some that we dismissed on the big screen have turned over a new leaf on OTT, and surprised us with what they can really do. I’m not the only one with these thoughts. Four More Shots Please! and Axone actor Sayani Gupta also says that OTT platforms have given artists abundant opportunities that the film industry would have not given. 

Recently, actor Sayani Gupta opened up about how the presence and rise of OTT platforms in India have helped in shattering the hierarchy of stardom that existed previously because only the film industry existed back then. She says the major reason behind it is the fact that artists are now getting work democratically.


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Sayani Gupta echoes several other artists who have come forth to talk about how OTT platforms have been a blessing for artists around the country as they are now given opportunities and space to explore their talents and their skills. Sayani said, “The hierarchy of stardom has been shattered in a big way. People now know you thanks to the internet and your shows. You no longer need to be a huge star to be cast in a show or a film. You are cast because you are right for the part. That’s what is most important.”

Speaking to the media, Sayani Gupta added that because of the changes in the entertainment industry brought by the rise of OTT platforms, the line separating theatrical film and a movie that is released online has completely vanished. “While I don’t think that everything that’s coming out is great – it mostly isn’t, but there’s a lot of varied content that you can watch. As an actor, there couldn’t be a better time to be a part of the industry… A huge new horizon has opened in front of us. Now it doesn’t matter if your film is coming in a theatre or on OTT. Certain films were never meant for the big screen, now we know that they don’t have to. We are happy to watch a lot of shows and films on our own devices, it (the process) has become more intimate,” she said.

Hear hear!

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I couldn’t agree more. Just like Sayani Gupta said, OTT platforms have not only opened abundant opportunities but also given the audience diversity. And that is true not just for the content that is created but also for the artists, the scriptwriters, the viewers, etc. It has made content from various parts of the world accessible to everyone. And I think the rise of OTT platforms is going to change the future of the entertainment industry forever – hopefully for the better.

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