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Remember Exposed Thong Trend From ‘Kaanta Laga’? It Has Reappeared In The Fashion Scene And We Don’t Know How To Feel

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This year has had its fair share of daring fashion trends like napkin tops and metal heel boots that debuted during the pandemic. However, there were some that resurfaced on the runways and our social media out of nowhere, and these were the most controversial and bold trends from the past, ghosts of fashion pasts, if you will. Thongs peeking out of backless dresses and bottom wear is yet another fashion trend that travelled from the naughts to reappear in the 2020. If you are having déjà vu about the visible thong style, allow us jog your memory.

It was Shefali Zariwala who introduced Indian audience with a lot of eyebrow-raising fashion and beauty trends in one single music video back in the 2000s (think blue eyeshadow, microbraids and her whimsical arm tattoo in her Kaanta Laga song). While the older generation was quite appalled by her style choices, she became the trailblazer of some of the boldest and most daring trends in fashion for the youth, visible thongs being one of the trends she brought into the spotlight. She was labelled the thong girl of India for putting her delicates on display and now the style is officially back.

It’s so chic and rebellious and although you were too young the last time it became the shiz, you can now hop on the trend and show off your undies in 2020. We spotted the trend making appearance on the runway this year where Versace models strutted down the ramp in exposed thong silhouettes. A lot of celebrities and models have also joined the bandwagon and sported the style on street and red carpet events. Let us tell you how to do the G-string fashion right.


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The trend that was first popularised in the most fashion forward decade of all time, the 70s, reoccurred in the 2000s with the likes of Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera showing off their underwear straps from denims and shimmery dresses. In 2020, Kendal Jenner, Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin have brought the style back to life with their chic casual and ultra glamourous numbers alike. Although we didn’t witness too many exposed thong looks even after Shefali’s sexy blue thong grazing her waist made quite the stir, it doesn’t mean we’d be sticking to boring and conventional style choices even in 2020, or 2021 for that matter.

You can test the waters of this risqué trend by going for an exposed thong clothing like skirts or dresses that come with a thong strap attached. That way you don’t have to put in much thought as to how high waisted your thong should be or how to match it with your outfit. Also, BTW, that’s what Shefali did for the Kaanta Laga song too. She told in an interview, “I know it generated a lot of curiosity. But most people don’t know that it was a piece of cloth cleverly stitched to my pants! My parents would’ve freaked out if I’d done it. No tummy showing, no cleavage, no leg show-those were the rules laid down by my folks! But yeah, I am the original thong girl in India.”

If you are feeling quite confident about pulling off the trend, then rock with a low rise denims and crop top or a backless bodysuit for a chic street style look or a backless dress gown or skirt for a head-turning glamourous look. Also, since it is a relatively sexier style, it might not be the best idea to wear for family events and definitely is NSFW so steer clear from the peek-a-boo thongs from formal events, no matter how classy you make it look. There’s a time and place, people. But go crazy with the style for date nights, glam events, and your girls’ night out and show off them thongs while the trend lasts, and reappears again. Because, it will.

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