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Priyanka Chopra’s Mom Being Concerned About Her Studies When She Won Miss World Is The Most Desi Mom Thing Ever!

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On November 30, 2000, an 18-year-old Priyanka Chopra was crowned Miss World at a ceremony in London’s Millennium Dome. She was the fifth Miss India to bring that title home. Do the math and you realise that this year, she will be celebrating 20 years to that glorious evening! A walk down memory lane, then, is a given, wouldn’t you agree? And turns out, something rather hilarious but also cute was revealed when PeeCee, mother Madhu Chopra, and brother Siddharth Chopra began talking about what was happening in the moment that the Miss World crown was placed on her head!



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Priyanka Chopra posted a video on Instagram which began with the video clip of her being called out as the winner of the Miss World pageant. The video then cut to PeeCee and her mom on couch talking about that moment, with brother Siddharth joining in via a video call. Priyanka asked them if they remembered what was going on in their heads at that point.

Siddharth Chopra, who was barely 11-12 years old then, recollected how he was happy for his sister but a tinge sad as well because he would be going to the United States alone to study (it’s where PeeCee studied in her early teens). As for her parents, mother Madhu Chopra recounted how the Indians at the venue erupted in euphoria over the win. And all she wanted to do was go and hug her daughter.

But turns out, when she did actually hug Priyanka, she said the most silliest thing—she wondered what would happen to her daughter’s studies now that she was crowned Miss World!

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Clearly, desi girl’s mom is like every other desi mummy ever, who’s all about “Beta, Miss World our sab toh theek hai par exam main full marks chahiye!” But you know what? That’s actually not the wrong attitude, if you think about it. A proper education, no matter what you ultimately end up pursuing professionally, is of the utmost importance. And the fame that descends upon a person post something like this is not quite conducive to keeping you grounded and letting you focus on your education. So maybe, Priyanka Chopra having her parents keeping an eye out on these things was a good idea after all!

In fact, in the video, Priyanka Chopra also spoke about how, at that moment when she won, she didn’t even think about what that would mean for her family. Sure, the celebrity culture wasn’t all that toxic and overwhelming back then, because no social media. But there was still the constant scrutiny and being in the public eye that she and her family would be exposed to now that she was a celebrity overnight.

From the looks of it, and the fact that she has created a hashtag #20In20, we might be getting more videos about this day, leading up to the 20th anniversary of Priyanka Chopra’s Miss World win. We’re looking forward to finding out more such tidbits!

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