Madhuri Dixit Nene Shares The Easiest DIY Hair Care Recipes That Even Lazy Girls Will Love

Madhuri Dixit Nene Shares The Easiest DIY Hair Care Recipes That Even Lazy Girls Will Love

As a 90s kid, it is almost imperative that you dance to one of Madhuri Dixit’s peppy Bollywood songs. However, her dance moves, contagious smile and brilliant acting performance don’t even begin to cover the things she was known and admired for. Her gorgeous big curls was also one of the many things that women imitated her for in the 90s. Her hairstyles and those curls became a rage at the time and women flocked to the salons to get ‘hair like Madhuri’. Years later, her mane is still enviously beautiful. Luckily for us, she just happened to share the secret behind what she does to maintain it. Spoiler, it’s mostly the natural ingredients found in her kitchen and some good haircare habits she swears by.

Welcome to Madhuri Dixit’s school of haircare. The class was in session on how she keeps her locks looking that good despite treating it with ample products and styling tools on a daily basis. On her Youtube channel, she shared some best-kept secrets, tips she follows along with the recipe of a DIY hair oil she was recommended by a friend as well as a homemade hair mask she trusts. In case you missed it, here we have notes prepared for you. 

She starts off with some lifestyle changes you can incorporate in your daily routine to make sure your hair doesn’t suffer the wrath of your hectic schedules. Leading a healthy lifestyle and drinking lots of water can “contribute a lot for healthy hair.”  She also lists out some hair supplements like biotin, omega 3, fish oil capsules which are good for hair but should be only taken after consulting your doctor. 

Talking about the haircare tips one can follow for healthy hair, she recommends some dos and don’ts. These include some hair wash tips like air drying instead of using heat tools excessively, using microfibre hair wrap instead of a towel, using lukewarm water to wash hair and brushing gently, especially when your hair is wet. Apart from that, she suggests some haircare tips to follow on a daily basis like keep away from fiddling with your hair, trimming hair regularly to get rid of split ends, covering your hair with a cap in colder temps and including an oil massage in your haircare routine. 

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Madhuri’s DIY Hair Oil Recipe

She also shared the DIY hair oil she uses for her tresses and even demonstrated the recipe in the video. Here is how you can score Madhuri Dixit’s all-natural hair oil which can be made with four hair-loving ingredients: half cup coconut oil, one small onion (grated), one teaspoon fenugreek seeds and 15-20 curry leaves. Put all the ingredients in a pan and heat. Let it cool once it boils and strain it in a bottle or bowl using a sieve. Use the oil in your hair twice or thrice a week a night before you wash your hair. This hair oil has growth-boosting ingredients like onion and fenugreek which can help control hair fall and make it stronger. Curry leaves help with premature greying while coconut oil is a natural moisturiser that leaves your hair soft and smooth.

Hair Mask

She also shared her homemade hair mask which she prepares using just three simple ingredients. She says it helps smoothen, soften and boost shine in your hair. All you need is one banana, a couple tablespoons of yoghurt and one teaspoon of honey. Put everything in a bowl and whisk until the banana is mashed and you have a smooth paste. You can also put it in a blender to get rid of any lumps. Apply it in your hair and let it stay for 30-40 minutes. Wash it off with your shampoo and skip the conditioner if you want since the ingredients are natural conditioners. She also joked about how the mixture could also be included in your meal as it’s basically a smoothie (lol). 

All these haircare tips and secrets from Madhuri Dixit work for everyone struggling with any hair woe. The ingredients she used have umpteen benefits and could really change your hair game. No wonder her hair in the video looked so smooth and luscious. BRB, heading to the kitchen.   

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