Actress Kranti Redkar Says Husband Sameer Wankhede Is Sacrificing Personal Life For Nation As NCB Officer Investigating Cruise Case

In a relationship, along with love and honesty, there should even be a lot of respect. As a couple, both of them should be proud of each other and their contribution to society – professionally or otherwise. If you can’t respect your partner and be proud of what they’re doing, the relationship won’t be able to last much longer (at least that’s what I’ve seen and believe). And one such wife who is proud of her husband and openly praises him for his work is the Marathi actress Kranti Redkar. Kranti Redkar in an interview with ETimes opened up about the fact that she is extremely proud of her husband Sameer Wankhede who is sacrificing his personal life for the nation as an officer of the Narcotics Crime Bureau (NCB) currently investigating the case involving Aryan Khan, son of Shah Rukh Khan.

Sameer Wankhede is the husband of the Marathi actress Kranti Redkar and also the Zonal Director with the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB). Lately, he has been in the news for investigating Bollywood’s links with drugs. 

Among the many cases he has handled, Sushant Singh Rajput’s case was one and the more recent one was the Mumbai cruise drug raid that involved Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan. And being the proud wife that Kranti Redkar is, she talked in the interview about everything, from how proud she is of her husband, his work in the high-profile drug raid cases, his sacrifices, to how she tries to maintain a peaceful environment at home.

Kranti Redkar stated that she is proud of Sameer Wankhede and his dedication to his work. She said, “Sameer has always been a hard worker. His operations and cases were there even before too. Today, he is dealing with Bollywood-related drug probe cases, which is why it is getting highlighted. I give him his space when he is investigating or working on operations. I never ask him what happened, how it happened because I respect the secrecy of his job. I take care of everything at home, which is why he can concentrate on his cases more.” 

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Adding further, the actress said, “He sometimes gets so busy that he can’t even sleep. He works 24/7. He barely sleeps for 2 hours. I never interfere or get involved when he is talking over the phone about a certain case. He does secret operations on an everyday basis, and he is not even allowed to reveal anything related to that with his family. I give him his space and never complain about anything. Sameer is in such a field where he can not sit idle for a minute. Even after coming home, he discusses the operations with his team over the phone. I never ask him, ‘Kya hua batana..Kaise hua..kya kiya’. I maintain the secrecy of his job and respect the profession.”

When coming to their personal life and their kids, Kranti opened up about how their 3-year-old twins miss their father being at home and that would have bothered him if she was not around. Kranti Redkar said that Sameer Wankhede knows that she is there to take care of their kids, family, and home which is why he has nothing to worry about. She even stated how he is sacrificing his personal life, time with his kids and family, for the nation and she is extremely proud of him for his contribution to society. 

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Talking about how Sameer has started giving interviews where he opens up about the cases he is working on, Kranti revealed that she is happy that he is doing so since he is an introvert and a reserved person. She stated that he never shares anything with anyone and never smiles. And so when she asked him to smile while giving interviews, he ended up smirking. She concluded by saying that no matter what she loves him the way he is and is proud that he is Sameer Wankhede the NCB officer. 

Her love and adoration for her husband can clearly be seen in the way she speaks about him. I mean, having a partner like Kranti Redkar who is supportive, understands your work, and is proud of what you do – is every person’s dream. And I have to say, that Kranti Redkar and Sameer Wankhede make quite the pair. 

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