Hautetalk: Parineeti Chopra Was Trolled For Her Bridal Look. Can We Please Stop Fashion Policing Brides?

Stop with this mean girl attitude!

Alright, folks, let’s delve even deeper into a topic that has me shaking my head in disbelief – the persistent and utterly frustrating trend of fashion policing brides, especially when they’re in the public eye. The most recent victim of this unfounded criticism? Parineeti Chopra, who recently tied the knot with AAP Politician Raghav Chadha. She looked like an ethereal goddess in her gold ivory lehenga and emerald green jewellery, and her wedding day was supposed to be a pure celebration of love and happiness. But, alas, we live in an age where some folks can’t resist raining on someone’s parade, even when it’s their wedding day, by offering mean-spirited comments about their fashion choices.


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Now, let’s bring the spotlight back to Pushpak Sen, a self-appointed fashion influencer parading around on Instagram under the handle TheBongMunda. This self-proclaimed arbiter of taste didn’t hold back, asserting, “I’ve always found Parineeti Chopra a 2/10 in everything.” Hold your horses, Pushpak! Are we seriously assigning numerical ratings to people now, as if they’re entries in a beauty contest? But wait, it gets worse – he went on to claim that she was “pulling off a 2/10” on her own wedding day.

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The audacity here is not just annoying; it’s utterly wrong. Just because someone is famous or in the public eye, do we genuinely believe we have the right to dictate their choices? Are we, the critics, paying for their outfits? The answer is an unequivocal no. What someone wears is their business, especially on one of the most pivotal days of their lives. Now, let’s underline this point – it’s the bride’s day. It’s about her joy, her love, and her happiness. Even if you aren’t a fan of her or her style, guess what? Your opinion doesn’t matter on her wedding day. If she’s walking on air in her chosen attire, that’s the only opinion that should count. Criticizing a bride on her wedding day is not just mean; it’s inhumane.


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In my unapologetically opinionated view, Parineeti Chopra looked not just pretty but downright breathtaking on her special day, and that’s the only opinion that matters. Instead of playing fashion police, it’s high time we donned the hats of empathy and kindness. Weddings are about celebrating love and happiness, not tearing someone down for their outfit choices.


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So, let’s cut the nonsense – can we please put an end to this absurd practice of fashion policing and allow brides to savour their big day without the fear of public judgment and criticism? It’s about time we realigned our priorities to focus on spreading love and positivity, leaving negativity and judgment where they belong – far, far away. Remember, weddings are meant to be a glorious celebration of love, joy, and the beautiful journey two people are embarking on together, not a stage for unwarranted opinions and mean-spirited critiques. It’s high time we acknowledged that.


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