“Opinion Apna Apna”: GenZ Talks About Red Flags In A Partner, And “Best Friend” Seems To Be The Biggest One!

Someone said, "Relationships" are the biggest Red Flag!
“Opinion Apna Apna”: GenZ Talks About Red Flags In A Partner, And “Best Friend” Seems To Be The Biggest One!

It is a red flag, stay away! I am sure many of you must have heard this one line from your best friend when you talk about your relationship or maybe the neverending crush on someone. “Red Flag” is a commonly used term these days, especially among the young generation. It is used to warn people about a negative trait that they should acknowledge in their partners or someone they like. Hauterrfly’s Alisha had a fun interaction with GenZ students on their views about Red flags in the new episode of Opinion Apna Apna. GenZs even had some important advice for every girl out there. And well, some of the students were also clueless about this “Laal Jhanda” concept and it made this episode all the more hilarious and adorable!

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In the latest episode of Opinion Apna Apna, Hauterrfly talked to many GenZ students about the much-discussed topic of recent times, “Red Flags”. The word is associated with relationships and the negative points in a person that should not be avoided. Many of the GenZ students had no idea about this word and had not even heard it. However, the show’s host Alisha did come across students who had a lot to say about this. Firstly, they talked about some major red flags in a partner. Well, also according to one of the students, red flags are those that are actually liked by girls. Ahem ahem, controversial opinion, you see!

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Anyway, as per our GenZs, some of the major red flags in a person are failure to communicate problems in a relationship, and not treating other girls with respect other than the girlfriend, of course. Girls were also of the opinion that even girls have red flags in them, and yes, we agree! 

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In the Opinion Apna Apna episode, one common red flag for boys was a girl having a “Best friend”. That’s mean but yes quite a debated topic among the young generation. Some GenZ students in fact believed that the concept of relationship is the biggest red flag, hilarious right, but we understand where they come from!

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Not giving freedom, not accepting the person for who they are, and being emotionally unavailable were some significant signs of a toxic relationship as per the GenZ students. 

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There were many noteworthy pieces of advice given by the new generation and some of them were, self-love, emotional independence and the practice of acknowledging and discussing negative signs/behaviours of your partner to keep the relationship healthy!

This fun and candid talk with the young generation definitely shows their seriousness towards relationships and how particular they are about having the right partner to avoid any kind of toxicity in life!

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