Struggling With Karwa Chauth FOMO Because You’re Not Fasting? 5 Fun Ways To Celebrate This Festival!

Ladies, there are many like you!

The festival of Karwa Chauth is just around the corner. While a majority of women are currently planning their outfits and making preparations for the day, there are many who are going through a FOMO (Fear of missing out) too. This group of women do not plan on keeping a fast for their husbands but the pressure of society has taken a toll on them. Well, while it’s a matter of choice, it’s okay to make one that’s against the standards set by society. Even if you don’t plan on fasting and celebrating this day in a conventional way, there are still some ways to deal with the FOMO that comes along with it.

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NOT A Big Deal!

Karwa Chauth is a festival that is primarily celebrated in North India. Many Indian female actresses celebrate the day and share pictures in beautiful sarees. A Reddit user highlighted how such things on social media are promoting regressive ideologies that make other women follow it as a trend too. To a large extent, this does make sense. And, this also makes many women feel left out because they don’t choose to participate in it. This FOMO is natural but it’s not a big deal if you aren’t doing what the majority is. There are many who have similar feelings. The pressure of in-laws and society is dealt with by many women, and sometimes sticking to your own principles is okay.

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Karwa Chauth In Your Own Style!

There are times when the Karwa Chauth FOMO can be overpowering and here’s when you should plan the day in your own way. You can always participate in the celebrations with friends and families. Be a part of it, and share some good time with your partner.

It’s Okay Not To Fast

Not following Karwa Chauth the traditional way and keeping a fast on the day is okay. You can still opt to do other things like get dressed in your best saree, apply mehndi, and click pictures with your husband! There are various ways of showing love to your partner, keeping a fast is not the only one!

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Go For A Dinner Date!

Don’t feel the FOMO, just go on a date! Get dressed and go on a dinner date with your husband. Or maybe just order a pizza at home and watch good romantic movies. There are many!

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Couple Dates!

It’s always better to stick around with like-minded people. Plan double dates with friends so you know that there are couples who also don’t celebrate Karwa Chauth!

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