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Fans On Twitter ‘Protecting’ Anushka Sharma From Trolls And Nazar After RCB Loses IPL Match Is All Heart!

November 04, 2020 | by Jinal Bhatt

The internet can be a real dark place sometimes (literally, there’s a ‘Dark Web, and you don’t wanna know what happens there). But once in a while, it will do something that will make you realise the wonder and gratitude we originally felt when the Internet and social media changed our lives for the good. Something similar happened on November 2, when after Virat Kohli’s Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) lost the IPL match to Delhi Capitals, fans on Twitter rallied to ‘protect’ Anushka Sharma from the usual crap she gets for her husband’s form on the cricket field.

After being subjected to incessant trolling for her husband, Team India and RCB skipper Virat Kohli, not performing well in IPL matches, Anushka Sharma has had enough. So done is she with the whole ‘blaming women for men’s failures’ and being dragged into cricket conversations for no sensible reason, that she didn’t hesitate from respectfully calling out even Sunil Gavaskar for his comments. And now looks like some cricket fans are trying to create a safe space so that the pregnant actor does not have to take shit from trolls.

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From praising Anushka Sharma’s outfit—she wore this cute white dress with hoop earrings and the pregnancy glow—to posting evil eye emojis to repel any ‘buri nazar’ that might try to hurt this precious human, fans rallied around Nushki and it was all so sweet!



I don’t think it needs any more explanation but I’ll just put it out again for the people in the back. Blaming Anushka Sharma, or any other sportsman’s female relative for their performance in what is ‘just a game’ (yes, that’s what it is, sit down) is the most ridiculous thing you can ever do. In fact that applies on a very broad level to every individual’s actions, irrespective of gender. Wouldn’t it be silly to praise Anushka Sharma for Virat Kohli winning matches or pumping 200 at the gym or something, simply because she is his wife? Of course. You offer congratulations and that’s it. Similarly, when Kohli’s RCB lose a match, you offer condolences or encouragement, not abuses and trolls to his wife, ‘kay?


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And then, we were three! Arriving Jan 2021 ❤️🙏

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In fact, as Cheeku has demonstrated recently, he can do both—play well and check up on his BAE from the cricket field itself whether she has eaten or not! After all, he did promise, “Main khayaal rakhunga!”


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So let’s all form a protective circle around this adorable couple and focus on how perfect they are together!

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